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(Note: This position is now closed. I'm leaving the post here for post-erity. Thanks for stopping by!)

Attention, artists! Sungazer Software LLC is now hiring a character illustrator for its upcoming commercial project, The Tenth Line. This is a large, well-paying commission for a game set to appear on multiple platforms. If you think you're that artist, then read on!

My name is Elliot, and I am responsible for a few "feature-length" RPGs in the past, including The Reconstruction, I Miss the Sunrise, and The Drop. I've recently started a commercial venture called Sungazer Software, with the intent to develop independent commercial games. I have set aside the next two years to work on this project full-time, and am looking for professional-caliber artists to help bring my vision to life. Also, I pay pretty well.

The Tenth Line is a 32-bit style RPG being developed in Unity. It focuses on a tight-knit cast of core characters are they explore the world and generally roughhouse their way through turn-based battles. The entire game is played from a 2D perspective, with a unique leveling/progression system and an action/timing element in battles. It also contains princesses, magic, dragons, and magic dragons. It does not contain zombies, survival mechanics, NES-era graphics, or roguelike elements.

You can read more about it in the introduction post here.

This position involves producing several high-quality digital illustrations of major characters set to appear in the game. This is an important position, as other elements such as in-game interface elements and sprites will be based directly off this work, so I am looking for professional, high-quality work to be delivered within a strict time frame.

This is a paid position. The documentation provided describes all of the work required; if you are interested, you can submit a bid with your total price for the entire commission, as well as the time frame you will require to complete it. I will be choosing the best offer as a factor of quality, time, and price, so put your best foot forward and don't be shy if you feel your asking price may be too high. You are competing against other professionals, after all.

More importantly, your work will appear in a completed commercial game set to be published on multiple platforms, as well as in media and advertisements. That's something to be excited over!

I will begin accepting bids today (January 28th), and will continue to accept offers through the end of the day on February 16th, 2015, at around 8:00pm eastern time. I plan to make my decision very soon after; I will contact the winning artist or firm directly. Other artistic commissions will be opening up in the near future as well, so feel free to apply to those as well.

Hello, time traveler from the future! The position is no longer open. Thanks to everyone who submitted a bid!
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