Okay, so basically this is a bit like YDS's Christmas Card games, but with a twist... and the twist isn't Valentine's Day.

Anyone remember those hokey 80s dating shows, where you'd pick a date by quiz? We're doing that! Don't all cheer at once~

Basically you will provide me with a few bits and bobs and I'll put it all together for a game release on V-Day. (Also, yes, everyone who joins in will get a badge and MS)

What will I need from you guys?
- A sprite to represent yourself. I'll be using Ace so something from the generator (or Game Character Hub) will suffice. If you don't have a sprite, I'll randomly generate one for you (consider that motivation to make one, m'kay? ;p )
- You may include a face, however if you don't want to I'll just use your avatar~
- Answers to a questionnaire I will be posting in the thread.
- A personalised Valentines message.

- Send Liberty the required pieces before the 10th of February, via PM. Do not put them in the topic!
- Sign up.
- Yeah, that's all!



What are your thoughts on the 3-Tile Rule?
What is your idea of a wonderful game make session?
What is your favourite genre of game and why?
How often do you gammak?
What's your best game-centric pick-up line?
What do you look for in a husbando/waifu/game make partner?
What got you into making games?
What are you most proud of, game-wise?
Do you believe in love at first site?
Are religious undertones in a game important to you?
What is the prettiest game you ever played and why? Am I prettier?
What is the last game you made/played, and did you enjoy it?
What have you always wanted to implement/create but haven't yet?
What have you contributed to our sositey?
Where do you come from, where do you go, where do you come from Cotton-Eye Joe?
Rips, RTP or custom? Discuss.
Are games art? Discuss.
Do you indulge in gammak abuse of any kind? If so, detail.
You've just been told RMN is going down indefinitely. What do you do?
2k/3 or XP? Explain.
What is your favourite RTP sound effect and why?
Which corner of the internet would you take me on an internet date and why?
Gameplay, Graphics, Story or Sound? Which do you prefer in a date?

Remember to not post your answers in this topic, but to send it to me in a PM with your sprite!

So, sign up now!
- Liberty
- Ratty534
- unity
- Red_Nova
- slashphoenix
- Craze
- Marrend
- Pizza
- Gourd_Clae
- nhubi
- Dudesoft
- Ilan14
- seiromem
- JosephSeraph
- karinssoulkeeper
- MajoracanKing
- Corfaisus
- Isrieri
- CashmereCat
- Kylaila
- Caz
- Ocean
- Deltree
- kentona
- Cap_H
- yuna21
- Nessy~
- charblar
- TungerManU
- Sooz
- Erynden
- janussenpre
- El_Waka
- runecard
- YouChouEntame
- pianotm
- Christamoose
- NeverSilent
- Cocassu
- Dyhalto
- Oceaniqo
- CornedCosmos
- Zeigfried_McBacon
- Addit
- LockeZ
- pbjelly246
- Kett
- Ebeth
- Yellow Magic


Do the faces have to be something close to the VX/Ace RTP, or can they be custom or with VX Ace Face Generator?
The faces can be whatever you want, as long as they're 96x96 in size. If one isn't provided I'll just use peoples' avatars instead. ^.^

What do we have to put in the Valentine's message?
The Valentine's message can be something funny, something silly, something fun. It can be something like "Have a great Valentines RMN!" or "I have to admit... I love tuna!" or even "I LOVE YOU CRAZEGAMES!!!". Just be sure to theme it around Valentine's Day in some way. ^.^ It can be a message to just one person - they don't have to be on RMN, either. Nothing too personal guys - everyone will be seeing these, remember!

I assume the answers to the quiz question are directed to the other players? Because a pair of questions made me think for a moment that the answers were for you, Liberty...
The answers will be in response to the player. If you've not seen one of those dating shows, I'll see if I can't find one to give as an example.

Is there a limit on how many uh... "contestants" there can be? I forgot to post in the thread that I was in, and already sent a PM.
Nope! The more, the merrier~

I don't get it. What dating shows? What is this?
Basically, it's a gameshow where you get to pick your date from a series of questions and answers. You'll see more when it's complete, but it should be a lot of hilarity and fun. There will even be a date scene!

(It won't be a dating simulator - I'll only have a few days to put this together! >.<;
But it will probably be cheesy, silly and weird.)

Is there any word limit to how long you'd like our responses to be? Or can we just blab away? XD
Blab away, but try not to make each answer too long. ^.^

Do we have to put our username, or it can be any name we want?
Username or a name you're commonly known by in the forums/on the site please. For example, Archeia_Nessiah could get away with Nessy because most people know her as that, or Gourd_Clae could use Gourd.

Why some names in the sign-up list are greyed?
That means that I've received a PM from that person with the necessary items.

The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
I feel compelled to sign up for this.
You're magical to me.
Yes! This is a really cool idea! Sign me up, please! :DDDD
The all around prick
I feel compelled to sign up for this.

Yep. I'm signing up for this.
Hahahahaha yes, this sounds like a blast! Sign me up.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
i'm gonna do it. probably not a good idea, but i'm gonna
Guardian of the Description Thread
Sign me up, Liberty!

Also tempted to submit an Okiku face and sprite that's already in my locker for hilarity.
Can we submit custom (i.e. original made) sprites/pictures?

Either way, sign me up. An event where I don't have to put another game on my plate is a good event.
Of course I'll be joining this~ I'm really excited for it after all!
They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
...I am so in.
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Oh heck why not.

Is it ok if I use the sprite I submitted to Cash for his RMN High game (that still isn't done)?
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Sign me up! This is something I can actually do!
Damn! I can't resist Makerscore and Valentine's temptation! I'm in too!
I would have more makerscore If I did things.
This is a thing I shall be participating in for makerscore.
Nothing more.
As long as the sprite works in Ace, and is of the RTP style (or close to) then that's fine. I'd rather the sprites stick close to the default style.
Faces, though, are fine. Go for it~

Also, mods, admin... get in on this plox! I'm sure everyone would like a chance for their promised date with you, kentona~ :DDD And everyone wants to show Anky some love too!
my heart is pounding so fast omg i'm blushing

*puts on some valentine's music*

this is gonna be me everyday until the end of this event
I'll take that to mean you're in~ ^.^
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
fight me (I'm in)
Okay! It's time for my regular round-up of questions for things I don't know!

*crowd applauds*

Question 1: Do the faces have to be something close to the VX/Ace RTP, or can they be custom or with VX Ace Face Generator?

Question 2: What do we have to put in the Valentine's message?

...and Question 3: I assume the answers to the quiz question are directed to the other players? Because a pair of questions made me think for a moment that the answers were for you, Liberty...