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The idea of this board is to have information on the location of RMN's active userbase!
Post your location here! :^D
I'll try my best to integrate that into the main post, allowing us to know where people are from (and where they live lol), eventually spouting RMN meets or things like that!

Well I'll start with mine, I'm from, and live in, São Paulo, Brazil. :^D
RMN user location:
Africa - 1
>South Africa - 1
Cape Town - yuna21

Asia - 1
>Russia - 1
Central Russia - TungermanU
>Phillipines - 1
Quezon City - Archeia_Nessiah

Europe - 3
>Czech Republic - 1
Prague - Cap_H
>Germany - 1
It's Not That Big So It Doesn't Really Matter - Kylaila
>Italy - 1
Sardinia - kaine87
>Scotland - 1
Isle of Skye - icecheetah (talk about a cool location name)
>Sweden - 1
Stockholm - Zephyr
>UK - 1
London - Yellow Magic
London - nurvuss

Oceania - 1
>Australia - 1
New South Wales - suzy_cheesedreams
Victoria - Liberty
Victoria - nhubi. Though " rarely static for long (in the 7.5 years I've been on RMN I've moved countries twice and regional states thrice)."
>New Zealand - 1
Auckland - CashmereCat

South America - 3
>Argentina - 1
Buenos Aires - JJJ7
Buenos Aires - Illan14
>Brazil - 1
São Paulo - JosephSeraph

North America - 8
>Mexico - 2
Mexico City - MrChearlie
>Canada - 2
British Columbia - Dyhalto
Nova Scotia - Link_2112
Ontario - Pizza
Ontario - Dudesoft
Saskatchewan - Kentona

>USA - 10
California - janussenpre
California - Ratty524
Florida - AubreyTheBard
Iowa - meustrus
Iowa - ankylo
Massachusetts - Alichains
Missouri - pianotm
New Hampshire - Miracle
New York - Seirmoem
Ohio - Isrieri
Pennsylvania - Marrend
Pennsylvania - Zacjgdsfkjhdkchakers
South Carolina - Deltree
Texas - Housekeeping
Wisconsin - Zeigfried_McBacon

also i hope this doesn't happen to be aa redundant thread or etc lol
I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I am originally from a podunk hamlet in Newfoundland, Canada, but I live in Toronto now. I dream of one day moving back and scoring my own house in the home country though.
Seems like we got the ABCs sorted out! Now we need someone from Denmark, lol.
I wonder if any country in particular will win over the others, in amount of users? If any does so, I believe it will be Canada. But you never know, nee?
Germany. It's not that big, so the exact location doesn't really matter.
I'm from Hong Kong.

I live in Monterey, California, United States of America.
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
Live in London, United Kingdom. Couldn't tell you where I'm from.
we're pretty scattered, aren't we? ;_;
alsssssssssso what is it that you hide in secrecy? is your birthplace really so misterious? are you secretly a martian spy????????????? i'll remember to take double care when talking to you now >:^O I don't want to be abducted
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
LOL it's not a secret. I was born in Pakistan and my parents are Pakistani, but I moved around a lot as a kid due to my dad's job (hell, the city I was born in wasn't the same as the ones my parents lived in when they were younger). As a result, I never really had a hometown...and I didn't live in Pakistan long enough to consider myself Pakistani. Technically, I have dual British/Pakistani nationality, but I don't feel like I fit in 100% in either country (outside of London, anyway...but, has to be said, London doesn't really count IMO).
Guardian of the Description Thread
I was born 'n raised in New Jersey, but now live in Pennsylvania. Odd thing is that not terribly soon after I moved, my maternal grandfather passed away. The really odd thing is that part of the reason to move was to be closer to him!

Sometimes, life is weird like that.
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
You're still Pakistani by definition though. I guess it's your choice whether to identify yourself as such or not, nonetheless.
I'm British by definition too...and come to think of it, I've spent >50% of my life in the UK. And I didn't even mention that I lived in Saudi Arabia longer than Pakistan.

I think I'll just refer to myself as from the planet Earth from now on
The TM is for Totally Magical.
St. Louis, Missouri, U. S. A.
So US is winning so far! 4 people from the US! Not really surprising hahahah :^D
I really feel like traveling to Australia, NZealand, US, Canada, UK (I need to taste the british breakfast, though I'm scared hell of it) and such... Can't wait for my first trip.

I'll tell a funny travel story:
One day I went to São Paulo (capital of São Paulo, lol, a 1h30m travel from my city of Santos)for a date and had $100 in my backpocket because i'm dumb
Out of nowhere an english-speaking peddler who claimed he was from South Africa (with indeed a distinct SA accent, very pale and redheaded, fully freckled and in his mid forties, a rare sight in Brazil) asked me to buy him a McDonalds sammy. A big mac. He went on explaining that it had the perfect amount of calories for his diet and that he needed it for sustain, I offered to pay him a meal in one of the many fine restaurants nearby, driven by curiosity, but eventually gave up (he insisted too much on the sammy)
The $100 I had in my pocket *disappeared* after that.* And there was me, hungry, no money, $30 bucks, a train and a bus, and almost 2 hours away from home, in a fucking date.
How did I solve it? A-R-T
I started to draw people's caricatures on the street, almost fainting more than twice, asking them to pay whatever they thought I deserved. I ended up acquiring $60, more than enough to eat and return home, and it was also the best date I ever had xD (which doesn't mean it turned out ok as I was dumped a little more than a week later but that's shit compared to this *awesome* experience)

*São Paulo is known as being an extremely dangerous city, brimming with pickpocketing. Like really they're ninjas. You can put your money in your undies or shoes and they still manage to grab it without notice.

I hope my art skillz will be as reliable in English-speaking countries lololololo >_<'

And oh, you're pakistani! It must be cool, to have breathed so many different airs. I for one never left my home state and only ever visited like 6 cities, all them at most 2h apart from eachother :^T can guess why I'm DESPERATE FOR A PLANE RIDE LOL
I'm also from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Born and raised. :)
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