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Hello RMN! There is this idea that I've been tossing around in my head for a few weeks now. you know how some games have a "talk" command, which lets you interacted with you party members? While I had this idea were when you activate the command, you talk not just with your party members, but with the enemy as well. Not only that, but at the end of the scene, something happens based on the conversation. For example. You activate the talk command and the enemy provokes one of you party members. The causes that party member to entire a berserk like state that boosts their attack power, but you lose control over them. What do you guys think? Its just an idea, so I haven't put any work into it or anything, Its just been hanging around my head for a while so I thought that I would share it.
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I seem to recall a few plot-related fights in Final Fantasy X that had a "trigger command" of "Talk". Most of the time, the command gives the character a bit of a boost, though, I seem to recall there being at least one fight (the final boss, if I recall correctly) where it bought you a bit of time.
I remember that, but I think it only happened in a few fight.
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If you want some cool examples of this, check out the Fire Emblem series. There are actually enemies that you can talk to to recruit new party members, and you'll never get them if you don't do it. Some of them you even have to talk to with specific other characters who are connected to them in some way.

I think it's a pretty neat idea conceptually; having little mini-cutscenes and events when talking to enemies in battle is good enough for me, but if they also provide a new battle mechanic or power you up in some way so much the better.

If I remember correctly FFX actually had trigger commands besides "talk"; the ones I remember off-hand are the one in the underwater building (where Tidus and Rikku do a flank attack on the boss) and one in Kilika where you activate a machine to do huge damage to the machina boss.
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