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Holy hiatus!!! I apologize for my multi-month absence. If it's any compensation, I come back with art. Not as much as I'd like, I've been doing work I can't share yet, but I did get some done.

Pixel Art

This one is unfinished, I need to wipe out the pin stripes and redo them cause they SUCK

This one's a new palette I made with examples of it in use

LOL this piece was shit was a horrible beginning of a commission piece that I overhauled

and the overhaul

This one's my current WIP, I have a lot of fixing up to do though

Non pixel art
And a lineart I just did up whilst it storms outside. Imma color it tonight.

Sorry not, it's not heroin or anything LOL Dr. Chlyne makes his own homemade psychedelics that are all administered in different ways.
Kit Fisto = done for now. I have some things I still need to fix up with his body, some perspective issues but I got a lot of pixel work on my plate right now and will have to wait till I have more time to dedicate towards fixing it as best as I can XD

"Thank you guys... but I must go. My planet needs me."
You are very awesome with pixel art! And with the other draws too, I don't know why anybody is comenting something about this, keep going, dude!
Ahh thank you guys very muchly n___n I found this palette sheet on DeviantArt that I want to use for daily warmups, like do a small simple pixel using a different palette a day, I imagine I'll go in order from left to right

The challenge
Done for my warmup palette challenge! My goal is to do a small warmup sketch before starting work, and each character being one of my super old OC's (I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil SO I HAVE A LOT OF OLD OC'S)

Today's OC being Flora (This pic is like friggin 10 or 11 years old O_O)

BRAPPITY BRAP BRAP!!! PIXEL. Just a quickie though so it's not that great lol.

I did up a gift for a friend. He's finally got the funding he needed for a comic series he's been dreaming about for ages and it's so amazing to see his dream finally come to fruition. He has and continues to pour his heart and soul into Nyobi Lee, which can be checked out on her webpage here so I'm so happy for and proud of ya mofo.

Also, ass.
And I wanted to put a new palette to the test. 10 colors

I'm not too happy with this one DX And it took forever too to add insult to injury <_< Commission for someone on DA

And this little quick pixel of my kitty (King) eating a friends Birthday cake as a Happy Birthday pixel

And these tables. I'm on a goddamn roll.

First of all, mad props for using this kind of AA. I don't see a lot of people doing this.

Great work here. You seem to know the way of the pixels very well, and really do care about each and every pixel, as your works are very clean and crisp. Which is something I value a lot. And I think it's quite a major determinant whether one is a pixel artist who truly understands and appreciates the medium, or just "someone who happens to also do pixel art".

Anyway, a bit of criticism (maybe nitpicking rather) if you don't mind. Some of your lines have quite a bit of unnatural bumps, such as on the dress, instead of being a ... systematic (for the lack of a better word) increasing/decreasing staircase, like 4-5-7-6-4 instead of the more natural 4-5-6-7-8 staircase. Couple this with AA and the dress looks a bit as though it wasn't ironed very well.

As for the top-down RPG tiles, I think you might want to set a standard perspective for everything you make - trust me it will save you from inconsistent perspective disasters. The perspective of your stuff so far is consistent, so that's good. Although it's not exactly the same perspective as most other RPG Maker tiles. If that's a conscious choice, then all is fine. But if not, then here's a quick guideline to the default RM-spective:

It's not a strict ratio by any means. A few pixels too long or too short just so things fit into the grid nicely won't hurt. It's just a general guideline to keep the perspective consistent.

Hope this helps somehow!
You're gooooooooodddd LOL Thank you so much for that super valuable feedback, every bit of it was devoured by my brain. First thing I tackled was AA, then palettes, then worked more on AA, then clusters, my next territory to explore in my pixel journey is those staircases you mentioned. You hit the nail right on the head. (I'm dreading the day I get to exploring dithering DX *Scared of dithering*)

AHH, just so much thank you!! I do have my resources a little more overhead, which would mean the character sets and whatnot would have to be custom made, which could be a pain in the ass so I deffs will keep what you said in mind.

Every single bit of your post is both helpful and super appreciated :.D Thank you so much. This May will be my one year mark for doing pixels, so I want to see a huge difference when I go back and redo a few original May pieces for my first year progress check!!! *Excited*
Ah yes speaking of dithering .... I see you've already done quite a bit of dithering on your previous pieces. Although the quality does seem to vary quite a bit ... If you want a little bit more input on that, then here.

The dithering on his arm over here is pretty good - blends in well and not easily noticeable. Although I don't see why you need to dither at all there ...

On the other hand, there's the force field(?) on this one. I reckon there's a real need for dithering here. But the chosen colors are kinda bad. Too much contrast. You could've added another color from the same piece

Anyway. Dithering can be useful, but it also can be a hard to tame beast. It's like drugs. Don't ever get too obsessed with it. It's easy to do, but it's hard NOT to. Once you start dithering THERE IS NO ENDING OTL In my experience though, you should only dither where you absolutely have to, to achieve a smooth transition, and just really can't get away with cel-shading, like a smoothly bent surface (like a cylinder), or a fading light/shadow. Like so.

Also, I'll PM you a thing regarding the staircase.
You're a genius! I can definitely see the problem with the ladies dithering, it sticks out like a sore thumb T_T I know I shouldn't run from my fears, but dithering will be the last thing I tackle XD Thank you so much for the link you sent me too, it's amazing!!!! I'm going to put it into practice today, so soon enough I'll have an attempt to put up!
NEW PIXEL. Just a simple one, I haven't done much shareable stuff as of late

the original sinn
Yeah this mind boggling, two great pixel artists, head on head.

@homonculus, your palette is colorful and you seems to get grasp of different kind of moods :) Hope to see a game from you soon!
Thank you so very much :D I love colors O_O Figuring out a palette and figuring out how you want to use it and watching it all come together is one of my favorite things ever

RINA FROM SUIKODEN 2 <3 Cause I luvs her

And currently redoing a piece. This is an important redo for me so I'm taking my sweet old time on it XD The original piece will be one year old in June and it was the first "serious" pixel art I did (beforehand I was just doing oekaki and did no research whatsoever and knew 0 pixel techniques or color theory)

Original and new (Still a WIP)
And today's Suiko 2 warmup chibi doth be Rikimaru
Did someone say Suikoden II? Yum~

Not sure about the blue for Rikimaru's sword, though I guess if you're working with a limited colour palette it's understandable. The musclature might be a little too defined/dark in the legs but it's pretty neat. And Rina is cute~<3
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