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Hi everyone, my name is Elias Luukkanen and I’m 18-years old composer from Finland. I have news which might interest you…

Yesterday I published my first Indoegogo campaign for a Royalty-free music album called “Tales of Sound and Music”.

It contains 45 fantasy-themed tracks, and by purchasing it you can use the music without paying any royalties.

Visit the campaign page!

Listen some examples for free!


If you have time, visit the campaign site and comment your opinion, I would really appreciate that.

By contributing just 1$ you can listen the whole album for a one week online and by contributing just 15 dollars (early bird) you get the digital download of album!
But the reason I’m here is not the money, it would be fantastic to have real people to give their inspiration and influence to this very project. I have worked so hard to get this done, and it would be wonderful to share that experience with you. It has taught me many useful skills, gave me new thoughts and more experience.
If you're interested about this project, please share it on your social media sites.

Thank you very much guys, cheers!

Support the project by sharing the campaign in social media or make a contribution! There's awesome and generous perks waiting for you. Just by conributiting 1 $ you can listen the album for a one week online, or by contributing just 15$ you'll get the complete album (early bird)


Thank you for your time ;)
Thank you guys, over 600 facebook shares for my campaign!
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