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I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
Way to drop the ball, Feld IV...

..:: Top Ten Favorite Concerts ::..

This is a quicky Top 10 because Feldschlatchetedt IV missing his queue. I thought of it tonight.

10. Wide Mouth Mason
Free outdoor concert - can't complain!

9. Hinder
Just saw this tonight. Hinder was good.

8. The Killers
Good show.

7. Hedley/Simple Plan
Hedley's lead singer is nuts. Simple Plan's a'right.

6. Rob Zombie/Ozzy Osborne
Ozzy was crappy (he was forgetting the lyrics and singing WAY out of tune) but Rob Zombie rocked!

5. Backstreet Boys
I admit that I went to a B.Boys concert. It was really good (and really loud - lots of screaming girls). Plus, after the show we hooked up with some random chicks and rode around Vancouver in a limo. Surreal.

4. The Barenaked Ladies
Awesome concert.

3. Nickleback
Before they got overplayed...

2. Weird Al
Weird Al rocked out at Buffalo Days in Regina. He was awesome!

1. The Rolling Stones
This was the greatest concert EVER. Holy shit.


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1 - 10. Muse
Back in 2006. That's the only concent i've been too... *cries*

5) I'm bored of thinking of shows I've been to.

4) Against Me!

Only got to see them once, and it was after Clarity. Great show. Sing a longs and everyone's your friend.

3) Propagandhi

Finally saw them in Tokyo just a few months ago. So much energy and such great songs.

2) Los Furios

It was at a small bar with no stage and everyone skaning was bouncing off the bouncer who was doing his best to make sure no one danced into the band.

1) Christine Fellows

Johnny K came out to do a duet of the Replacements "Swinging Party". It was in a small Turkish restaurant with only about 4 tables.
I'm bringing this world back for you and for me.
I haven't been to many concerts, but here it goes.

In no particular order

1. Backstreet Boys
I saw them when I was fairly young and they where cool, so sue me it was the first concert I ever been to so it's deserves a spot. Screaming girls, and the whole concert was pretty good.

2. Rain the Beatles Experience
I'm a huge Beatles fan but so I went to see Rain the Beatles Experience, they sound and look just like them. Reminded me of Beatlemania but it definably was a good concert.

3. Cold Play
Cold Play is awesome I love their music, their concert are sort of surreal and nice.

Oh! Also seeing Marc Mellits' music performed at my university. It was life-changing!
1~10: MSI
I too have only been to one consert in my life time, but i must say that the consert was fucking awesome
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