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Project info: http://rpgmaker.net/games/3926/

Hello This is the first time I am making a job request over here so... If there any mistake I apologized.

Why "Semi-commercial"? Well future helper is going to be a series of game apparently and only the seven tower will be available for free while other will be available commercially and there some probability that the music might end up in being re-use in other games (not totally possible anyway but better to be safe than sorry?).

The game The seven tower will be release for free to the public. The preview version is planned to be release due to the game's length so I can release something for people to try out for a while while I am working on the full version.

And since there is no budget for the project paying to make some music will be hard and I already saw some offering free services for fun, portfolio pieces or favours.

But anyways I am currently looking for someone to work on the following music for the preview version/full version.
- Battle theme
- Field theme
- Other themes
I am requesting if I can view your portfolio if any so I can pick which composer is the best to work on such music.

The game have no development deadline.
I am accepting multiple composer to work on the game's music.

Edit: Since I am nice and all and to clarify amerk questions. If the music will be reuse for future, future helper game I will provide a free copy of the game in question in all platform/Versions (Steam, GOG, Desura, Game console, etc...)

thank you

I'd be happy to compose some tracks for you. I have not got a massive portfolio of work as of yet, hence working to build it up, however I can send you some samples of my work, or at least create some samples to fit the requirements you need so you can hear if my work in the area you're looking for is good enough for you.

I can get you some samples before Friday, just registering some interest early! Either send me a message with some more in depth info regarding the music or I'll send you a message with some samples asap.

So just to clarify, you want somebody to compose for you for free, with the understanding that you may decide to use the music commercially down the road?

There's plenty of composers who have already given their stuff for commercial use (without expectation of compensation) such as Aaron Krogh, but you may be a bit hard-pressed finding somebody who is willing to compose specifically for your game (knowing you plan to profit off a future game using that music) but not offering any sort of compensation in return.
There's plenty of composers who have already given their stuff for commercial use (without expectation of compensation) such as Aaron Krogh, but you may be a bit hard-pressed finding somebody who is willing to compose specifically for your game (knowing you plan to profit off a future game using that music) but not offering any sort of compensation in return.

Well I will going to provide a free copy of the game in question if I will reuse it in the future. I didn't mentioned it on the post since I am uncertain if it going to be reuse or not.
Seconded. There are quite a number of composers who offer up music for free. Kevin Macleod is very notable for doing this.

It's a tad insulting (no offense) to ask for free music without taking into account the amount of work that goes into creating a piece.

I was talking to a friend of mine, about how long it takes us to create a piece of music, and both of us, for our most recent pieces, spent over 20 hours on one project.

Asking someone to write music pro bono(or expecting them, rather) for nearly a work week's worth of time, is a lot. Especially if the music will add tremendously to the atmosphere of your project.

Not trying to rag, but if you want quality/originality, don't expect it to be free! There are a lot of composers on this forum who offer music for affordable prices!

If you DO expect to gain compensation, then you need to do the same for their efforts.
After reading the first post... I felt very sorry on how I manage this job board request post since this is the first time I post a request here and I do not intended to offend anyone with my own post since IDK how to say it properly without offending anyone.
If I offended anyone I am very sorry about this and it won't happened again/handled improperly.

I am aware how hard is it to make music and I didn't think about it thru when I wrote this post so like I say in my first post I maybe made some mistakes and I apologized for it, this was very immature for me.

And hopefully this won't happened again and If I do plans to make a request for a commercial project in the future since I am planning to make a kickstarter/indiegogo campaign (since I cannot make one on Kickstarter site since I cannot make one since I live in the country outside of their country list) for my first commercial project so I can pay the composer without any problem.

I apologized for offending anyone in question.


@m4uesviecr thanks for the suggestions And also I don't even know Kevin Macleod...
The problem isn't so much the hope of getting something for nothing. If people are willing, go for it. But you may be hard-pressed finding somebody who is willing to do it for free and maintain good quality while also doing it quick enough.

What m4uesviecr and I are pointing out is that there are a lot of people who already have made free music to use for commercial purposes. I don't know about Kevin Macleod - I thought his was royalty free meaning you pay a fee but then can keep using it for whatever commercial purposes you request without paying anything further. But Aaron Krogh has a huge amount of songs you can use, free for commercial use. Scythuz may also have free commercial use. Eric Matyas asks for a donation (of your choosing, I believe) but otherwise free to use commercially.

These people give to the community without asking for anything back, and that's phenomenal. However, a lot of these same people have also already succeeded in their trade that to give up some tracks doesn't hurt their bottom line, and even grants them publicity and advertisement for further services; or they're just doing what they love and not trying to profit from it. Most, however, are making music on the fly, whatever they want and whenever they want, and giving it to everybody, without being tied down to a specific project or request or making customized music that will only ever be used in one project. Some do open shops and take single requests, but if you decide you need a full soundtrack made for your own game, whether or not you plan to be the only ones to ever use the music, it limits their time and resources.

That's not to say you won't find somebody willing to do it, but it may be hard. And if they're not being paid, there's no sense of urgency for them to fulfill the request in a timely manner.

Now, if you find you can't find somebody that will do this for you, and the free choices mentioned above don't work, there's still cheap alternatives between Members+ (Quigon and Scythuz's work alone is enough music for several games), and the store (I'd recommend J Stewarts aka Jonnie91, Joel Steudler, and Gyrowolf). Some are a bit expensive but still far cheaper than paying for customized music, but most are under $10 per album.
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