SO... IGMC 2015


@Red_Nova: Good point. I agree money alone is not a good reason to make games (but can help). Or you will end up like Activision xD! Game making is art :D!

After reconsidering, maybe... just MAYBE I might participate in this one. I just have to learn how to use a few scripts first before pulling out what I have in mind. Let's see how it goes...
I can't see anything wrong on learning Kung-Fu only to revenge myself. I like these flicks. That reminds me, that The Man With The Iron Fists 2 is about to be released.
But I got yer two pennies, Nova.

Would the committee accept 10 000 bucks to let me win? If yea, I would start developing right away.
I miiiiiight enter this time. Depends on how intense Summer school + summer job gets.

If I do enter, though, I'm under no delusions that I'll do well. The only game I can think of that I'd be able to crank out properly in that time frame is that bizzarro present-day RPG, and the ideas I have for it are still insanely clunky. I don't even know how the hell I'd properly structure the skills because of the weird battle system I'd want to use.

I probably wouldn't even PLACE with it. XD
As a judge from the last one I'll give some tips.
- Polish is important as fuck.
- Fun fun fun beats out pretty and story. Seriously. We slogged through upward of 400 games and the fun ones were the ones that kept us sane.
- Meld pretty with fun and story. It makes for a great game.
- Polish is IMPORTANT!
- Plan small. Really, small, simple and fun.
- Don't overcomplicate things - simple is good. You can still have a deep message and killer-fun gameplay and still have a simple game.
- While graphics aren't as important as other aspects, they can lend a lot to atmosphere - however, they are not the be-all, end-all. Don't get caught in the trap of making things too impressive unless you can do so and still devote time to the rest of the project.
- Seriously though, there's a reason two of the winners used RTP - they were fun, engaging, interesting and fucking great games on all counts. The RTP they used was used well. The music added to the atmosphere. The sound direction was also great. They didn't half-ass item creation and skill creation. The gameplay was interesting and didn't get boring. THEY WERE FUN!
- Don't get lazy. We judges knew the engine - it's why we were picked. I'm sure the judges this time around will also know the engine. Thus they will know if you didn't make your own items and skills. They will know that you used sample maps. They will know that you didn't customise anything in your fucking game (OMG, you guys have no idea ;.; )

But yeah, pretty self-explanatory really but you'd be surprised just how many games only focussed on one or two aspects and let the others drop (to the detriment of their game).
Question. Whenabouts are we allowed to actually start working on entries?

I wanna know before I get ahead of myself and start making stuff. XD
...when the competition starts? No idea as to a hard-set date yet. I'm sure you'll be made aware at least on the forums. This topic is just letting people know that it will be happening again some time this year.
This thread may clarify things.

Thank you funny waving avatar cat-name person. Thank you! :D

*takes a deep deep breath and puts it all out of his mind for now*

That and if it's right smack in the middle of my summer course's heavy load bit...Then I wouldn't be able to make anything for the contest anyway. XD
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
I probably should participate to prove myself worthy,though the prize money, If I were to win any would only muck my situation, so it's likely I'll be seeking a team.

Edit:On second thought, I'll probably be busy sorting some things out...
I'll never change. "Me" is better than your opinion, dummy!
Conveniently mere days before I head off to school.

Fuck you Degica!

Though actually I'm glad it is being postponed some, I can finish P:A without having two projects going at once, my team and I have already thought of how everything and anything should work for our submission, concepts are drawn, characters identified, basic plot are briefly known, so we are more or less awaiting the bell to actually make shit.

@Liberty: Thanks for the tips, geez I wish I'd had Perseverance for you to play in last years, just missed that deadline. Since this year chances are good I'll be away the latter half of the competition, I'll likely have it in before the half way mark.
Looks like the contest is going to be from July 7th to August 7th this year.

Official stuff all at this link.

The game twist itself won't be revealed until July 7th.

Some interesting rules this time around.
plot twist: July 7th is my birthday
plot twist: July 7th is my birthday

All games this year must be about kentona confirmed.
Huh... and now the eternal question... do I want to start on another project?
Sir Redd of Novus: He who made Prayer of the Faithless that one time, and that was pretty dang rad! :D
The game twist itself won't be revealed until July 7th.

I like that. It means that contestants will have to think on their feet and can't start going fully in depth until the contest actually begins. Personally, I would have put a few more points into the twist category, but I suppose an amazingly well designed game with no regards to the twist wouldn't win over lesser games that nailed the twist anyway.
I grabbed my cup with a string and wiretapped into degica's internet tubes and I think I found out what the twist is!

I may mentally still be 15 years old~
July 7th, eh?

Hahahaha...I'm not joining. @_@ No way, no how.

I just spent the last month making something for the Write a Game Contest, and now I'm completely burnt out.

I am in no fit state to Gam Mak. I'm not even in much of a state to PLAY games.

I will sit this one out. Good luck everyone else. I'm just going to nurse my sanity back to health now.
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@Aegix_Drakan What an unfortunate time to be burnt out. Oh well. Hope you had fun with the Write a Game Contest.

Myself, I'm ready and rearing to go! Although, I am a bit nervous that my game will turn out to be not as good as what I expect. But I'm going to push through anyway, with a help of my away-from-keyboard friend Lido.