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welp, I've started it with my battlers! ^v^
I know that will be redownload RMweb version (this is very OK, I hate sream's automatic download) only in RMweb is OLD 1.10a RM2k3 version. Patch is unavaiable.

I have sream keys RM2k3 and RM2k, but I not want sream version, because:
- I hate sream
- In sream version can't use editor patch, in RMweb is OK, this is harder than pirat version but is OK:

I can wait, but this is already ill - more than 2 months, I understand 1, 2 weeks, but 2 and more months...

I know that is new MV (I testet trial, this is very buggy, very strange, still has stupid mapping, slow, I not want make games for other platforms than PC, so I not interested), but why who not find time that upload new version, which was make by cherry, so not Degica workers.

RMXP is better example, This program is yet 10 year in english and still not repair bugs which japanesse version hasn't. It's not worth talking...

RM2k not have new version in HB, rest you look up for RM2k3...

I actually make RM95 game, that not irritated with RM2k/3 situation, this is very uneven, strange and dismissive legal RM2k3 users.

PS: JosephSeraph your monsters are very very gut. This is great resources. I wait for complet. And I have little advice: you have problem with transparent battlers, so you give this with alpha and write that users give this for project before imposing in GIMP on backgound and cut and save with part of background - in this time will be have pseuda transparent graphics in monster. But this is only OK for not levitathing monsters...
Is it me or are there fewer options under Conditional Branch in the Steam release? I was trying to do 8 directional movement for a very short novelty Christmas gift I'm working on, thought I was misremembering how to do it, looked at several tutorials and no, I'm not misremembering, the "if key x pressed" option just plain isn't there.

I think you're mistaking it for RMVX+++
Since Rm2k3 had a separate event option for Key Input.

It's a Variable. And you reference said variable in conditional branches. Making it a lot better than VX++ imho :v

Okay, so for 8 directional movement, does that not pose a problem in that the Variable the input's stored in can't be equal to 2 things at the same time? I'd essentially be saying "if variable 'input' = '1' and '2', move character down/left". Am I just confusing myself here?
@> Key Input Processing: - left
@> Key Input Processing: - right
@> Key Input Processing: - up
@> Key Input Processing: - down
@> Conditional Branch: Variable == 1
@> Conditional Branch: Variable == 2
@> Set Move Route: Player (Skip), Turn Left, Move Bottom Left
@> Jump to Label: 1
: Branch End
@> Conditional Branch: Variable == 3
@> Set Move Route: Player (Skip), Turn Right, Move Bottom Right
@> Jump to Label: 1
: Branch End
: Branch End
@> Conditional Branch: Variable == 4
@> Conditional Branch: Variable == 2
@> Set Move Route: Player (Skip), Turn Left, Move Upper Left
@> Jump to Label: 1
: Branch End
@> Conditional Branch: Variable == 3
@> Set Move Route: Player (Skip), Turn Right, Move Upper Right
@> Jump to Label: 1
: Branch End
: Branch End
@> Label: 1

This work, but RM2k/3 engine has one bug. With this script (and for example run script) events player touch not started always. This is for repair by complicated way:
Unfortunately old polish version (before official was avaiable)
Copy this link and paste in browser.
This thread is hilarious for all the wrong reasons

My boring contribution is that I still use the pirated version of Ace for 99% of my Ace shit. I have the steam version and I use it to create a new project so the defaults aren't in Japanese then I close it and go back to the pirated because I prefer its localization over the official one. I guess the tooltips were never done but w/e, I don't need them anyways unlike the official release where I can never remember what MGR or FDR or so are without them.

I also can't open my project in RM2k3 and have to stick to my resource edited RT2k3 because my enemies have stats over the official caps and afaik they still haven't been increased. Opening the game in RM2k3 snaps stats back to their caps and like hell I'm going to rebalance everything for that.

I also have a pirated copy of XP because I long since lost my registration information for it (iirc they quit working one day after a reinstall and I just grabbed a key generator instead of dealing with customer service but it's been so long I don't remember clearly).
I have this same situation.
I have RMACE and RMXP on sream, RM2k3 RMweb version, RM2k HB non DRM version and I buy usage RM95 and RM95 value boxs version one week ago.

And I not use ACE - I didn't like it.
In RMXP I use pirat version because official version has bug with messages (only 3 lines in window), sream version can't open 2 and more projects in one moment (this is annoyed while copy scripts etc), in nonofficial version a lot of restrictions are repair.
RM2k3 - old version has a lot of patches and has old corrupt full screen mode. New version is super but has stupid way fonts (I am not English), less patches (this isn't it guilt). And finally I have RMweb version (I really hate sream by experience with RMXP in it) so I don't give 1.11 version - this is very sad.
RM2k - I like this battle system, but program is neglected, HB version is old english version, this is also unavailable in official site. This hasn't patch eula, so I can't use my language (polish) font in this version.

RM95 - My favorite version, I buy it because I think that this is better than new RM version. But use this in for example english is broke license (a lot of texts is in exe file). Stifu's 1.23xp version has repair also a few option, which is corrupt in oryginal version...

This is all. I am really disappointed english distribution RMs, this is unfortunately must use pirat version. I still wait for 1.11 RM2k3 version.

You can fix the fonts with the font patcher. I have the rmweb version too, and they seem to have neglected update.

I'm miffed at the complete lack of portability. As in, I'd like one copy of the game, and put it on a flash drive so I can use it at home and work. Instead, once it's off the computer where it was installed to, it asks for my license again.
Font patcher is old way fonts, better is change font in ultimate.rb.dll - only this make a lot of problems, for example while test game fonts is read from this file in RM2k3 folder, not game folder, and more problems.

And in RM2k I not make this, because Patch EULA hasn't.

You have 2 option: RMweb 1 computer license version, and sream 1 account license version (and worse DRM). Original Japanese versions are non DRM, this same is in pirat version.

Generally DRM and 2 version (sream and RMweb) is big problem:
- editor patch will be work with only 1 version
- uneven upload new version
- stupid restrictions for legally users (pirates have in ass all DRM etc)
Today RMweb DRM is yet broke - RM MV has yet crack. Only this maker is chessy.
(Or is it? I've yet to see any people post anything 2k/3 related at all on RMW's forums >____________> i wanna see new 2k/3 games from those guys!)

It's okay. I will never change:

Kinda depends what you mean by "new" though.
I'll never change. "Me" is better than your opinion, dummy!
Aw geez, it's alright. Sorry for whomping on you like that - I'm a bit defensive over the whole legal thing since I helped to get it rolling (and had to go through some sites where everyone was spouting stuff like you were just before, if not worse >.<; which was 'fun')
Hahaha, Yeah, I was a super asshole about it and so were a couple others, you did the humble thing gretgor which was super mature of ya.
How can I see, if somebody made his game with this new official version of RM2k3 and/or uses the official RTP or if he used the illegal stuff?
You can't. Degica can.
Actually to be honest you can check for the engine version (there are a lot of notable differences on how the game runs, esp. at full screen) but why bother?
Check the names of the RTP, too - the legal version has different names for the files.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Also, there will be occasional Japanese fonts to be found here and there in the game along with strange characters.

If it uses dyn_RPG that's a dead giveaway since it's not 100 percent compatible with the official version and we're not using it until Cherry Tree gives the all clear.
Can I open my illegal RM2k3 project with the legal version and continue working on it there?
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Yes, but it'll update it to work with the legal version, so that anything you use on the legal version can't be used on the illegal version. This usually isn't a problem, but it will be if you're working on a team, both of you need to work on the project, but only one of you uses the legal version.
author=Deacon Batista
Can I open my illegal RM2k3 project with the legal version and continue working on it there?


The only problem I've had is that the input for "show choice" dialogue is smaller (less characters allowed) in the legal version than it is in the illegal version. It won't break any of the ones that are already there or that get copy/pasted, but new ones won't be able to be the same size and that can cause some weird consistency issues.
Those are peanuts. I only care about really annoying shit. Don't want to mak all the stuff again. I will just give the legal RTP graphics the names of the illegal ones and then it should work without crashing.