Is the latest release of rm2k3 compatible with dynrpg? I'm reading conflicting things it seems like.

I don't think it is but hopefully it will become one day!

CHERRY I JUST HAD THE COOLEST BUT LAMEST IDEA FOR A NEW FEATURE FOR AN EVENTUAL NEW VER OF RM2K3 DON'T KILL ME but what if we could configure picture backgrounds for specific scenes instead of using windowskins?
This could be potentially very hard to program, especially to add it in the GUI of the editor, but if you just made it check for specific filenames on the /system folder if a certain editor checkbox is marked (like Use picture backgrounds) it would be absolutely mindblowing.
For instance, if this checkbox is marked, the engine will look for "shopbackground" on the /system folder when opening a shop. If it doesn't find it renders the menus with the windowskin, but if it does find it, it uses the picture as a background instead!
A-additionally i-if there was a way t-to set which picture is gonna activate, we could have different picture backgrounds for d-different salesmen, all while using the default systems!

I know this is asking a lot and there's probably a simpler way to do it but im just typing my idea here so it doesn't go to waste. Maybe cherry feels like this would add value to rm, maybe someone else does it as a plugin, idk. ;3;
I am not sure if I fully understand your idea. Here are two ways I could interpret it.

1. When opening a menu, such as the main menu, saving, or shopping, the program will look for a specific image file (such as shopbackground.png) to display as the background image instead of the standard window skins (although it still uses the window skins to display what option is selected). This would logically require many menu skins (equipbackground.png, statusbackground.png, itembackground.png, etc.)

2. The same as above, but the window skin still displays as normal. However, the background will still change to shopbackground.png, allowing you to simply use a transparent window skin if you want to use the background for the menu itself.
@ JosephSeraph – Do you mean something similar to this type of utility that PepsiOtaku did for default menus and such but you wanna add it in for shops and other scenes as well with it too? Hmmm…it’s probably possible to implement and do it, but you’re probably still better off (at least for now) just doing this type of stuff via the custom event route with pictures and such. Still, not too bad of an idea.
Precisely @Addit! And yeah @hedge1, and maybe even the second option could be wiser (although it would require custom events to manually open all scenes such as the main menu, shop, saving, name change etc. and then extra events for swapping the windowskins for a transparent one)

And @Addit right now the custom pictures is the only route, but making a wholly new picture-based menu or shop menu or etc. just for the sake of changing aesthetics would be unworthwile IMO. I'm atm making a game with legal 2k3 (so no Dynrpg) using 100% default systems (since i'll wait for the revolutionary next 2k3 patch to create custom stuff) and while I'm happy with how I made the windowskins and such there's a real disconnect between windowskin-based windows and the message frame, for example.

Some examples:
( main menu )

( dialogue ) (WIP)

( shop )

( status )

The windowskin menus look "empty" and could be better spaced by the use of a neat picture background instead of windowskins. So I could make more elaborate borders, separate the elements, use icons and such while still using 100% default gameplay systems, it would be really simple!
Couldn't you use the transparent skin option then throw a picture up behind it during shop scenes? Wasn't that a thing that someone did at one point?
I think it'll just show a black background but i'll try it out :o

edit: as expected

Under System tab. You can set the window skin itself to being transparent.
That just makes it semi-transparent in message boxes (and battles if its type 2 or 3 i think) otherwise its fully opaque : / but thanks for trying! ~ <3
faaffsfsfs i keep having new ideas of things i could do with the new stuff aaaa somebody cryogenics freeze me and only thaw me up when this update is out ; - ;

im playing radiant historia and it just gave me SO MANY IDEAS I COULD EVENT UP WITH 2K3 AAAAAaaa
It's been several months, and Cherry is probably busy with other projects, but I'm also eagerly awaiting the integrated Pic Pointers.

As I was working with RPG Maker XP, in Ruby alone, I was just repeatedly using the same functions... arrays and sprites. That, and just keeping track of a bunch of variables, and you can make an RPG. This covers both at the same time.

I think completing DynRPG support might be a pipe dream, but even if the Pic Pointers get integrated, XP and VX Ace will have some serious competition...

...Hell, I can even imagine the code structure for making a beat 'em up with that support.
No! I thought there was an update :(
i keep having game ideas and all of them either require picpointers on 2k3 or me learn ruby and code it up on rmvxa :c (in which case i'd rather learn unity, construct2 or something)

but welp, one day it'll come! and 2k3 shall become the most brilliant rpg prototyping tool there is!
The day hath come.

Almost, that is. I'm literally just waiting for Degica to wrap things up for Steam and RMW store.
WHOA wow wow. two tails? that is a sexy idea...
can u elaborate?

Resident Terrapin
Somewhere right now, on Earth, Joseph Seraph is squeeing @ the moon...
Thank you, Cherry!! Can't believe it's almost here!!

TFT, get ready to say hello to way easier custom menus, way easier custom battle engines, and way easier custom text engines... among other things...
Whoohoo! RM2k3 v1.12 is out!

Check out the full changelog at
Until tomorrow there is a -50% sale on RMW Store, for those of you who didn't buy the official version yet: - only $9.99! (Discount is applied only after adding to cart)

The update is also in Steam.
Enjoy! :)

Most important points:
- Basically an official PicPointerPatch: Variables for ID, filename suffix, transparency, zoom... (even support games which previously used the PicPointerPatch)
- Pictures in multiple layers (e.g. above tileset, above messagebox...)
- Pictures in battle
- Spritesheets, also with automatic animation
- You can select which screen effects to apply to each picture
- Resizable windows in the editor (finally)
- D-pad support on the gamepad
- "This Event" working in common events (referencing the calling map event)
- Various bugfixes
Awesome work, Cherry! I'm really glad the d-pad and audio options are able to be included for all rm2k3 users, and not just Ara Fell. Definitely an important update here for anyone that uses rm2k3, and I am super happy that you're still able to work on this.

Thank you!