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Hello RMN. I've been curious about this for a long time, but how hard would it be for an indie developer to make physical copies of their game. I know they do this in japan for things like comiket, so I've always been curious. I'm just talking about making a dozen copies or so, not enough to meet the demands of thousands of people or anything like that.
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It really depends on the file size of your game. If you're bothering to distribute it in disc form, I imagine it's going to be played by people who might not have the RTP installed. Including the RTP with your game would increase the file size like crazy. Most typical CD/DVD Roms that you can buy without having to order them from the internet hold a few gigabytes of data. It would take a few minutes to create each disc, assuming your game fits on the disc. A dozen or so would be no problem. You could also include an AutoRun.exe type of file to make your game play when the disc is inserted.

The most time consuming part of the whole operation would be making custom disc cases and inserts for your games.
I intend to do that eventually, to burn and manually label CDs, to sell them bundled with comics related to the game in question + art and trinkets ^w^

But that's manual printing (I've done that with comics before) I don't know if you can get to professionally print and release a game CD tho

If I get to make a game with this new rm2k3 I might actually (no jk) burn them in the pile of old disquettes I have here at home and sell them there lol

edit: by disquette i mean floppy disk
I always figured that the art work would be the hardest part. I'd also imagine that if your going to the trouble of making a physical copy of your game, your going to include other goodies, like an art book or something. I doubt most people would go through all that trouble if they didn't want to include that stuff.
I intend to do that eventually, to burn and manually label CDs, to sell them bundled with comics related to the game in question + art and trinkets ^w^

Now that's a fun idea. I'd like to do something like this maybe if I ever make a commercial game. I think designing the cd label and packaging would actually be fun too ~ This coming from someone who's worked in graphic design for 5+ years and hates it lol.
I'd been planning to share an artist table at a convention at some point, and this kind of thing would be a great thing to sell there.
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Normally it's kinda expensive compared to just sending it digitally seeing you do either need to do it manually and you'd need cds, shipping, like all computers can burn to a disk now so that's not a problem if you want to do one at a time with the other option being sending it to a disk copier which cost still a bit of money. Most indie developers now really stick to making physical copies as kickstarter rewards. You would also want to probably have disk art too to make it not just be a standard CD you can pick up in stacks of 75 from Staples. I like what Joseph mentioned with making the comic and stuff because it really adds the extra love to it even if you would be printing those off all by yourself.

Really in the end we live in a world of digital distribution taking out the middleman and providing fast service for a percentage (7% or so normally and some sites make you pay an additional flat rate to that) that kinda has made the whole buying physical games less popular. I'd say if you really think you have an amazing game go ahead and make the jump to make a physical version as fans of the game would be ones to try and snag a copy of it.
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