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Impressive posts of SPs. Hey guys what software are you using?
I myself use MyPaint, I love the infinite canvas.
There is also Krita which is kind of a photoshop-esque program (in fact developed by people unsatisfied with photoshop).

If you are looking for pixelart, Pyxeledit is a great one! It has a free beta as well, which is somewhat watered down, but still nifty.

I did something quick!

There's still some time, but the next theme is going to be Hidden Objects. Stuff stuff and more stuff.

Done for this week ~
I may end up doing another for reasons, so let's see.

I am soo tired. I wanna sleep.
Next Theme: Horsemen Fight
Sorry for the late notice. Had a horrible headache during the drawing, so I stopped at the sketch.
Will finish later this week among with the next theme, Card Game!

From Yugi-Oh! to poker, all is there. Humans or dogs playing, who cares.

That last one is a great image as is, I really like it.

This thread is a neat idea. Is horsemen fight still the current theme, or is it card game now?
It is for this week the Card Theme. Ending on sunday (thus my apology for putting it up late, did it a couple of days ago)

And thanks for the compliment :)
Okay, cool. I thought it was the card theme; just making sure.

Here's my picture:

I went with tarot XD
Nice! I love the changing light on the card
Thanks! Looking forward to seeing your next picture!


I mean, card game. Right.

For all impatient .. (and so I don't have to spam too much)
The next theme will be Space Ship starting on Monday!

Well .. I never said it had to be functional, right?

Next is : Water Snake
Starting Monday!
I was so tired .. so I just left it bare^^

Next week's theme is : Dance

Real quick one.

Next Week's theme is: Feeding Animals
I .. forgot about the animal one

Well, it's not anyone is participating regularily. The weeks after that was Kranken for which I just did a sketch and this week is storm.

I'll be back regularily!

Next Week's theme is: Hands
That pink storm sky is neat.

My image:

Might try the next theme, too.
You got a nice one as well
Looking forward to what you will come up next :)

Based from memory on the romance card for Dorian in Dragon Age Inquisition, hence all the gold rings and bogus magic symbols.

Looking forward to your drawing, Kylaila!
I was out all day and am dead tired. Then I did something!

Next week's theme will be: Triangle!

I'll aim to make everything consist of triangles .. but .. it's a theme to be stretched, after all.
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