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Hello! I'm sure most of you guys have had a "Dream Game" at some point. You started RPG Maker in order to bring this dream to reality but some were along the way, reality hit. Some people place this "Dream game" in the large pile of things they thought of as a child but just never came to be. Some people were actually able to create that ultimate game. I'm just curious as to how that worked out.
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I guess I'll get self-indulgent and talk about dream projects :D XD

My first "dream game," when I tried my hand at a big, somewhat traditional-style RPG, was put on hold for over a decade. I eventually came back and finished it for the Revive the Dead contest last year. It's called Chase for Divinity.

My second dream game I worked on and off for a decade. It was over-ambitious, way too over-ambitious. I wanted an 80 hour game. By the time I had roughly 40 hours, I was too burnt out to continue. More details about it can be found on this thread.

Since then I've been more realistic about my goals, but that hasn't stopped me from trying to make a 12 hour RPG that's in that dream project limbo. It's an RPG Maker XP Yuri game that I hope to go back to and finish one day.

The closest I have to a dream project now is Luxaren Allure, which, despite me trying to start with a small scope, got pretty big. I'm hoping to finish it by the end of this year, though ^_^

It's cool to dream big and work to make a huge project. But for me, I've found I'm generally much happier with smaller projects. It keeps my inspiration and enthusiasm high, and it feels so good to complete a project :DDDDD
14 years and still going strong. Now that I'm attending Game Design school I've finally been able to really nail down the strong points and begin constructing the plan for it in an intelligent manner. Things are looking very up.

I plan to make it when the time is right, and I've made a concrete enough plan that I'll know when that is.
I'm quite sure I'm building my 'dream game' atm. XD
Still working on it. I'm quite happy with all the details I've nailed down on it. But to be honest, as an artist I don't think I'll ever be happy with anything I'd do but just come into terms that this is the best I can do, for now.

I think things are finally going my way slightly, but there's still a lot of work that needs to be done. I still don't know why my 'dream game' is an interconnected 8 epic stories. Sigh.
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I never made my dream game, because I never had a dream game.

Or at least I never achieved it. About a day or two into developing my "dream game", I'd realize it wasn't as good as the dream, and then all of a sudden... not my dream game anymore. Which is quite sad. But it's true.

Edit: My dream game right now, though, is a game called Hello My Name is John, Oh! and F$%k You. It's a life simulator.
Many of my dream games have been made by other people already. (Stuff like Jagged Alliance 2, Crusader Kings 2, Deus Ex, Football Manager, GTA3). Of course every night there are new dreams.
14 years and still going strong.

Same here. I first started using RPG Maker in 2001, but there's one project that I began in 2002 that I always came back to but never finished. Probably because it was the only project that had a clearly defined beginning, middle and end in my head.

As for the concept of a "dream game", I think a completed game alone would sufficiently satisfy most people here. I'm glad I waited because my abilities have evolved so much over the last decade and it's far more likely that I'll build a game that I won't be embarrassed to play in another thirteen years' time.
I don't know if I've had a "dream game". I did have an epic I wanted to make, once, but the more I learned about game design and storytelling, the more I realized I had no idea what I was doing. Plus, my scope was all out of whack - I probably spent years (on and off) on the first hour or two of gameplay. Eventually I realized that it the game really wasn't worth it, and I chunked it.

Right now I'm trying to focus on little games in order to get more experience with design, scope, and everything else about game development. In the future, if and when I have the time and resources, I'd love to do bigger projects again :D Maybe I'll be a little better prepared.
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I started conceptualizing my dream game back in college, about 15 years ago. I played around with a world map on rpg maker 2000, but I never put in any serious effort with the engine. In 2008 I saw a trailer for a game created with XP, and I became determined to make my game. VX had just come out, so I picked up a copy, grabbed a few notebooks, and spent the next several years plugging away at it. I finished Manifest in late 2011, and I'm very happy with the way it turned out.
I think it turned out pretty well!
Sir Redd of Novus: He who made Prayer of the Faithless that one time, and that was pretty dang rad! :D
I started my dream game back in 2009 for a school project in 2t3. I wrote the story and characters, and liked them both, but it wasn't my vision of the perfect game. Plus, I had wanted to sell that game. Yes, I wanted to sell MY FIRST RPG maker game ON 2t3! You can guess how well that worked out.

I scrapped that project after a month and decided to remake it in VX. This time, not just with the story, but I made my own tilesets and custom music. I tried to learn everything at once, which was a serious mistake. TWO YEARS of working pass and I only had two hours of gameplay, so I quit and didn't touch any game development software for a year.

Then on May 1st, 2013 (yes, I remember the exact date when all this started), I bought VX Ace and decided to play around with it. Liking what I could do, I decided to make a small project with the same concepts and gameplay style as my dream project, but scale it down to a single dungeon. That game ended up becoming Soul Sunder (which was the name of my dream project. Trivia fact: Soul Sunder's original name was Soul Sunder Zero, named this way for multiple reasons I won't bore you with).

I'm now back to work on the project I had started in 2009, with a rewritten story, overhauled mechanics, and a much, MUCH simpler scope.
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When I first picked up RMXP, this game was my dream game for a while.

Then problems arose where I had to remake the game from scratch several times, and then as I matured I began to realize that what I was currently developing was going to suck, so I stopped it.

Aside from that, I think it's safe for me to say that most of the projects I start are "dream games." I dreamt of a game that of a cute mascot character that I eventually want to turn into a franchise of some sort, so I made Tina of the Stars. I dreamt of making not only my own Pokemon game, but one that also showcases the creative efforts of this community the way the SMBX events do, so Pokemon RMN Version is currently in production. I even dreamed of making the objectively worst RPG Maker game imaginable to mock the IGMC, so This creature was spawned (from hell). Beyond what I mentioned, I still have more "dream games" to come!

In that sense, it feels hard for me to define a "dream game" as being one simple thing. That, or maybe I put way too much value into my projects than I probably should.
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I haven't made my dream game yet. I'm 34 and have been a piano technician since I was 15 and I'm still learning the trade. If you think I expected to be able to just make the greatest game ever the moment I picked up a code book, then you're mistaken. Now, I wonder if I'll ever really be able to make my dream game.
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If by "dream game", you mean a game that was based on dreams, there is this garbage. If by "dream game", you mean a game that I always wanted to make, that... is less certain. In a weird way, I suppose you could count these two games?
I've never had a dream game, only concepts to which I've added more and more over the years.
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I ain't making my dream game until I'm damn well ready.

If you're gonna do it. Do it right. That's my opinion.
I don't think I have a "dream game." I do have a game that I am more passionate about than all the others, and it's coming along, although it has turned out to be more work than it was initially meant to be.
My first 'dream game' was my first RM project called 'Mystic Legends'. ...It was a traditional RPG taking cues of Tales of and Star Ocean, and it had a dual protagonist system, each with their own party members and storylines, though they sometimes crossed paths and temporarily borrowed party members from each other.

...It was an amateur mess. For years, I never scrapped the game, but instead, my skills kept improving, so I kept building new stuff on top of a buggy old base. And it kept getting worse and worse and worse...until finally, I had enough and decided that it was time for this 'dream game' to be put to rest.

The funny thing is that I almost finished it. But the time investment needed to polish it and fix every single little bug was deemed not worth the effort. There were a ton, and then bugs created from fixing other bugs. But ultimately, the game just wasn't that good.

...And then my second 'Dream Game' was a ripoff of Riviera: The Promised Land, called 'Angelic Awakening'. Long story short, it was a very functional game, and I thought it was my best display of skill at the time, but it suffered from a crippling phantom bug in the map movement system that I could never pinpoint. So it was laid to rest in the land of fallen projects.

Would have been finished otherwise.

My THIRD dream actually one I'm still working on now. After the previously mentioned, I reworked the lore of my 'series', and am now attempting to consolidate it all into a new 'main game'. ...Of course, I spent years wrestling with RM2K3, trying to build an engine base in a 500 year old maker, and the seams were definitely starting to burst.

So I switched engines and am trying again. It's going well now. I think I've learned a lot and won't be making the same mistakes I made back in the day. ...At least not to the same crippling project ending scale.

I hope.
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