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I had my first dream of a game when I first join an RPG Maker forum in 2004. I had made some simple games before, and as soon as I found out I had the ability to create something decent, I decided my dream was to create a game like Final Fantasy (or like any other jRPG) except it would be in a world and reality very close to our own (modern day, schools, etc), except with fantasy elements. Thus this project was born.

I worked on this project until 2013. But I lost my motivation once I started working on parallel projects, because they took me way less time and got so much more recognition. So I decided to abandon this dream project and work on smaller stuff... though its current version is so big I wouldn't say it's completely abandoned.

Right now I'm working on a game that I would call a dream project. If I can actually finish it, I'll consider it a dream come true.
My "dream game" turned out horribly. My first game back in the days when you used the translated version of RPG Maker 2000 when it was pretty new (I can't remember how long ago that was).
It was kinda Castlevania-esque where the MC would go through a forest and a castle to defeat a demon lord. Two maps of forest, One of the Castle's Main hall, a basement and the rest was basically "The final floor". The enemies were default and the only boss was the final boss, which was way too easy. The End.
Story? A guy wants to take vengeance upon the Demon King cause he killed his father.
Gameplay? Kinda, but not really interesting. It was tedious.
Music? Default

Anyway, it sucked and up to this day that's my only completed game. I'm stuck in a loop where I start a new project, ignores it for a while, forgot what I was doing and then just restart a new one.
I believe I'm thinking in a scale too big.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
I haven't attempted it yet.
Tear Harvester Rhyme
It'll never be done ;w;
I'm surprised people are still posting on this. Thanks for all the posts. I'm kinda surprised on how versatile the whole "Dream Game" idea is.
I once at around high school I did conceive what for long was my dream game. It hasn't been attempted though, it would require a lot of millions and a competent crew.

I'm still taking interest in the idea as a theoretical exercise. It also works as a look back to my past. Often I find ideas that I thought good when I was a high school student which I now consider poor. For example, the main character was unreasonable competent. That said, other ideas I've had back then still seem great yet.
I always hated how a group of friends have the idea to make the ultimate RPG game with RPG Maker. They don't realize that one summer day with some ideas and make the decision to make that game, won't make sure that the game actually will be made. Making these games costs a lot of time. If you don't take that time, it's gonna be horrible.
I'll let you know when I finish it.
I'll never change. "Me" is better than your opinion, dummy!
Took a couple tries to get right, but both my ambitious dream games, Menagerie and Perseverance have turned out splendidly.
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