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That is, is there a macro or key-stroke in the engine for while you are playing, or do you downsize a full screenshot?
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To my knowledge, Print Screen, Ctrl+V into a paint program is the way. There are scripts to bind this to a key, and to take "Mapshots", or compiled screenshots of an entire map, but these often screw up the vertical alignment of events.
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You could always take a photo with your phone, too...
Please, don't take image with your phone. They look like crap and I'll deny any game that uses them on their game page because of this. Also, they're usually much, much too big.

That said, we have an article for that. You can use paint.net or graphics gale (a free art program) instead of paint if you like.
Frankly, there are 1000 tutorials for doing this on the internet but here's how I do it:
Get to the spot I want the image of in-game. Hit the PRT SCRN button, next to F12. Open an image program (I use PSP) then paste. Get the crop tool, zoom way in and pick from one corner of the image to the opposite corner, diagonally. Double-click and save, then upload~ Easy.

And here's a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S22cpmcyNAc

If you don't have Windows 7, just do a Youtube search for 'how to take a screenshot' and some prompts will appear. Watch video. Try for yourself. Profit!
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Step 1 - Turn on RPG Maker (Full screen.)

Step 2 - Find a place where you want to take a photo

Step 3 - Press Print Screen

Step 4 - Press CTNRL ESC to exit the RPG game window temporarily.

Step 5 - Open a program like Word that you can paste the photo into.
(To double check that it worked, and so its still there after you take more photos.)

Step 6 - Right click the photo to save it. (If you want to keep it.)

Step 7 - Rinse and repeat.

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Didn't someone recently mention a free Windows tool for snipping screenshots easily?
Don't do any of the above. Instead

1) Download irfanview, a free image viewer, editor, and capture software.

2) Open irfanview

3) Go to Options->Capture/Screenshot or push C. This will open a new dialog window

4) Set up your capture settings as such:

Capture Area: 4) Foreground window - Client area. This will capture the current active window's area without any borders or window frame or any excess garbage.

Capture Method: The default hotkey of Ctrl+F11 is fine, or change to whatever is convenient for you..

Options: Make sure 'Incloude mouse cursor' is unchecked. You're taking screenshots of your game and you don't want your mouse cursor in there ruining things.

After the Capture: Save captured image as file. Throw it in a convenient folder (I just use a folder on my desktop). You can change the file name too but it includes a timestamp by default which is easy to sort by. Make sure the save as format is a PNG, a lossless image format which is great for game screenshots and pixel art and shit.

The defaults aren't great but you only have to do them once, it'll remember your settings for next time. Hit start which will close the window but irfanview is now waiting and ready to snap some screenshots.

5) Play your game and when you want a screenshot hit your hotkey, Ctrl+F11 or w/e. There's no pausing to snip it out or trim it or paste it into an image editor to save. Mash the key if you're trying to get a good shot during an animation or something. Get all the screenshots you want! It's quick and easy to do with this method.

6) Sort out your screenshots in your captures folder. Delete the garbage ones, rename the good ones, do any post editing, upload, etc.
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with elegant writing like that, you should make an official article. (seriously though)
I'll at it to my to-do list, right after 'release a game'
I just use Dropbox, honestly, then edit. But yes, there is a snip tool already on the computer if you have Windows 7. No download necessary. You just run the program, highlight the area you want to snip, then save that image in the various file formats (png, bmp, jpg, or gif). You can even draw on the image before saving with an in-built pen, or use a highlighter to, well, highlight. Easy~
If your game is in fullscreen when you take a screenshot you won't have to crop it. Obviously no good if your computer stretches the window in fullscreen.
Or you know, use Bandicam. Easy.
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It hasn't been mentioned, and not sure if you're aware, but holding alt before you press print screen only captures the currently-active window.
It hasn't been mentioned, and not sure if you're aware, but holding alt before you press print screen only captures the currently-active window.

Only problem is that it captures the title bar and all, so you'd still have to crop it.
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True, but it's easier to crop out from a title bar than an entire window.
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Windows (7 and onwards?) has a built in Snipping Tool that makes it rather easy to take screenshots of sections or whole windows.
Type it in the Start menu and see if it comes up?
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Huh, that's handy.
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It may depend on your computer. I've had 3 computers so far. The first one was just ''PrntSc'', the second one was ''Fn+Prt sc'' and this one is ''prt sc''. I recommend you type ''How to take a screenshot in ''.
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