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I've been listening to some Game Music that just inspires me. I grew up listening to this Mechwarrior 2 soundtrack. It's awesome. It's now readily available on the internet thanks to some random-dude. If you haven't listened, take a few minutes and stream a few tracks. Start with Mechwarrior 2 directory. Ghost Bear's Legacy (the game's expansion) is equally as good. Mercs is pretty neat but only good in context, in my opinion. At the time (1996) this music was extremely awesome, because it was one of the first synth/rock/ambience soundtracks in a game, let alone one that actually stood alone. (Not to mention that they were written onto the CDs as .cda's, so you can play them in your CD Players off of the game CDs! GENIUS!) Keep in mind that most of these are made to loop, (until the mission ends.)

Oh and, it was by a relatively unknown (before he did this, anyway,) music composer named Hwang. Couldn't find much on him, but I didn't dig for long.

What kind of timeless music has been inspiring you?
I'm fond of bombastic, powerful emotional tunes, particularly if they have a striving tone to them. For example: Frog's Theme, and Protecting my Devotion from FF9, are songs that always get me.

I also have a bizzare affection for Yiddish Balkans.
I listen to Apocalyptica a lot when making my games. Or anything classical inspired but for the modern age. Nothing with lyrics, as that often skews my creativity.
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
Command & Conquer (the original) has a kickass soundtrack - I kept playing that game long after the gameplay became stale because the music was so awesome. (no lie!)

FFVI's orchestral soundtrack is also top-notch, as is Chrono Trigger's.

Jazz Jackrabbit had some awesome tunes, too.
Hmm... I think just about everything inspires me in some way or another. That's probably why I have so many midis in my music folder. I don't normally go for stuff with lyrics, though, 'cause like Prex, it kinda skews stuff. Makes me want to do something that has to do with the words. Then again, whenever I listen to Wild ARMs music, it makes me want to make a western RPG. XD
You should give the Mechwarrior soundtrack a listen. It's so quick and easy!
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