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we're starting a new playlist on Youtube about Engines & Free Games.
In the first episode there is Unity3D & Overgravity !

The next episode will be about Game Maker... then we want to make a video about Rpg Maker(VX?) & A-Game-Made-With-It

Do you like the idea ?
And ... do you have a nice game to show us ? So we can add it in the video. Contact me in P.M.

Regarding makers, you should definitely feature VX Ace as it is the most recent RPG Maker (unless you count the official localisation of 2003). As for the game featured, just browse the site and pick one you think is a good representation - I'd recommend one using mostly/only RTP to show off the assets that come with the maker for free.
I want to see videos about some of the more alternative engines like Sphere (it's an oldie, I know) or 20xx.

As for the games, there is plenty of them around. You can check featured games section for some classics.
i want to have the permission by the author.

About the alternative engines... is a good idea ! But we should find also the games made with them...
You could look at the Featured Games section, usually the best games are there.

And if you want to ask the authors for permission or anything, you could send them a PM or comment in their gamepage.
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