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June 2015 - Still seeking contributors!
(This position pays $100+ or more, depending on your input.)

You heard that right! I'm now going to be outsourcing developers to work on Beloved Rapture!

I'm seeking one or two very competent (and dedicated!) developers who specialize in designing dungeons, dynamic puzzles, and potential enemy encounters/bosses. This is a paid commission. (For Rm2k3)

Wait, what?!

After nearly 4+ years working alone on a single game, it may seem like an odd time to bring on other members to be part of the "team". I've thought quite a while about the pros and cons, and I've decided this is the best option for a few reasons!

  • Development Time:

I'm not as young as I used to be, and free time is more valuable than gold these days! As many of you know, RPGs take the cake as far as development HELL. I've spent probably thousands of hours now working on this project, and I scarcely have the time for it. Hiring someone to assist me will considerably alleviate some of the burden (xD), as well as free up my time to focus on the visuals & storytelling.

  • Expertise:

It's no secret that Beloved Rapture was always intentionally a "cinematic" game... but often at the expense of the underlying game-play. After a long period of trial and error... I've come to the realization that I'm just honestly pretty mediocre at it, lol. By bringing a developer on-board who has more comprehensive skill-set with designing puzzles and dungeons, the game will benefit from a more balanced design and experience.

  • Release Date:

BR has obviously past it's 1000th "release date" of Winter 2015, lol. With the amount of content involved, it's simply not feasible to finish the game by the summer's end without the help of another person.

What Am I Looking For?

In an ideal situation, I'm looking for someone who:
  • Is highly familiar with Rm2k3; variables, switches, common events, advanced "programming," etc.
  • Has a proven "track record" of strong gameplay design, evidenced by either an existing game project/demo or samples of work.
  • Is capable of generating diverse, expansive, and genuinely thought-provoking puzzles.
  • Can work within an existing graphic style (i.e. tilesets that I have designated, which are open to discussion), in the style of Rudra, Suikoden 2, etc.. and custom tiles.
  • Can work fairly quickly, is responsive to feedback, and can chat frequently with me on Facebook/Sykpe about the nature of the dungeon, the "theme," or even the layout of each individual map if necessary.

    Currently, I'm looking for 2-4 dungeons at the max, but that's subject to change lol.

    I'm not necessarily looking for someone to create visually pleasing dungeons, but rather the 'bare bones' layout of them, and the underlying puzzles. I will be "touching up" the maps, adding details, overlays, and the aesthetic qualities after the dungeon is finished.

    *In general, the dungeons should last 25-45 minutes.

    I want to keep the quality of the gameplay in the dungeon maps consistent with the visuals, so the game plays as well as it looks. I won't be selecting any random newbie for the commission, unfortunately lol.

How Much Does This Pay?

The payment will vary with the size of the dungeon (the amount of content and maps/puzzles). A good estimate might be $60-150 to start off, but the compensation will be negotiable for the right fit. I won't be paying hourly. Once the dungeon is finished to my liking, the person will be sent the payment via Paypal.

Plus, you'll get your name in the credits of RMN's most infamous rm2k3 game! ;P


Feel free to send me a private message, or share you interest in this topic! Having them all in once place will help me organize whomever might be on board.

Some questions to consider;

Why would be you a good contribution?
What projects have you worked on previously?
What compensation would reflect your input?

If you have a link to your project (or a random dungeon sample), feel free to post that in here too! Or any questions! I'll be updating once I've chosen someone.
Naturally, I'm interested. But I'm no expert.
Aww man if I had the time I really would since that's a great expertise of mine! I hope you find someone to do this soon, I really would love to see this game shine through even more through all it's aspects! :D
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