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Hi everyone,

A simple question: When creating a new sprite, can the sprite's Z coordinate be negative?

If the Z-coordinate has boundaries, what are they?

Thank you,
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Do you mean layers? I'm only familiar with GIMP, but, I would think that most graphics programs that can handle layers assigns a positive number to each layer.
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No, he means Z-coordinates, the way RPG Maker decides which objects on the screen go on top of other objects.

Yeah, they can be any integer value. I've never actually tested floating point numbers but I can't imagine why they wouldn't work. I don't recommend going above 2.1 billion or below negative 2.1 billion.

Keep in mind that the screen has several different "viewports," which are displayed in the order they're created. If objects are in the same viewport then the Z-value is used to decide what goes on top, but the newer viewports will always be on top of the older viewports. Pictures, dialogue boxes, and battle animations are on their own viewports, for example, and will always be on top of the map/sprite viewport.
There is this script by Hime Works that makes the sprite appear as if it is 'more back'

This technically is sort of using a 'Z' function, but I'm pretty sure it's just making the image smaller. Worth a look, though.
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