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The waggle in Donkey Kong Country Returns. Thank god you can hack it out, but I did not regret soft modding my Wii especially at the time Xenoblade/Pandoras Tower and other games coming to the US were doubtful.

No you're wrong if you think the waggle is good, and don't even say anything if you haven't bothered with the speedrun challenges. The best thing about the Wii is that you had so many controller options, NES mode, pointer mode, nunchuck waggle mode, classic controller mode or even a gamecube controller, but for some reason DKCR only used ONE of that and in SOME GENIUS DESIGN MOVE tied the waggle to the roll motion, the most important momentum based move in the game. I really don't care if Donkey Kong Freeze doesn't have it. I'm still mad to this day. My anger is so hot it's enough to spawn another worthless 3DS handheld port that no one wanted.
And then came War of the Lions with its horrendous slowdown and its try hard retranslation, and I think FFT officially died for me.

A lot of the translations seemed unnecessary. I rolled my eyes hardest at the Thief skillset. "Divest Armor", really? Was steal so wrong of a term to use?

On the other hand I want to bring one of their quotes to the list of quotes showed on the front page. "You've got some whirlygigs!"
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