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Hey there peeps, quick inquiry in regards to showing pictures on maps. I've never done this kind of thing before, but I am 70% sure it can be pulled off. But how would I go about showing a picture of say a floating castle at a certain coordinates on a world map instead of just showing up on screen?

I would assume variables would be the key here, but I'm kinda confused on what the math required to make this happen would be.

Pray I explained that right.
Each grid is 16x16, so you'd count in groups of 16, starting at 0. For example, say it were 4 tiles across and 10 tiles down, you'd put the position at: Y= 32, X= 142

That said, another way is to put an event in the spot and check it's co-ordinates via variables, then use those as the points.
From my experience showing a picture on a map will have strange side effects. Things don't line up all the time and it kind of studders as you move when that image is supposed to be drawn on screen.
I would use a parallel process and capture the X & Y Coordinates of the Castle's Event, modify the Y variable by -8 to -16 to 'lift' the castle off the ground/bottom of the grid (you can also set up a type of loop to oscillate the y variable to give the castle an 'up and down' floaty appearance), then tell a picture to appear at those coordinates. Using variable's associated with the event's location rather than a constant allows flexibility if you want to move the castle later, you wont have to go in and reset the coordinates.
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