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First of all, I'd like to warn you, this post became a bit longer than I initially expected it to be. My apologies for that.


I have a bit of a problem, well, multiple problems really, but before I explain my problems, let me explain what I want to achieve.

Over the years (let's say 20 years) there have been many great RPGs. the Elder scrolls games, Ultima VII, Baldur's Gate (& II), Planescape Torment, most
other Black Isle isometric RPGs, the Dragon Age series, the Witcher series, the Mass effect series, etc. but IMHO nearly all of them lacked something. Most, excluding the Witcher 3, Daggerfall, Planescape Torment and Baldur's Gate, lacked cities of decent size. Other's lacked romances & yet others lacked diversion as far as different paths go.

I've discovered RPG maker a few years ago and came to the conclusion that if I want to have the perfect RPG I'll have to make it myself. The only thing
that'd still be lacking in my opinion would be graphics, but, I believe that an isometric view as portrayed by RPG maker creates a nostalgic feeling.

What I want to include is:

* Defining choices : The best example for this is your gender. Some parts of the game will be slightly different depending on your gender and your romancable
options will also be slightly different. Another example is which side you choose during a war. Both have good and evil qualities and the choice should be up to you.

Romances : 5 heterosexual male NPCs, 5 heterosexual female NPCs, 5 bisexual male NPCs, 5 bisexual female NPCs, 5 homosexual male NPCs, 5 homosexual (lesbian) female NPCs. That should be enough to make everyone happy. Still, depending on your choices, some might not join or even leave your party. I want to use a point system. Depending on your choices, certain characters that are either in your group or camp will get a +1, 0 or -1 rating/counter/variable. If you reach a certain rating with them, you can start a romance.

There will be lots more NPCs that aren't romancable at all, but once again, most will never join your camp or party as they'll be offended by your choices. (it'd be strange if an Elven mage willingly joined your crew if you just destroyed the last remaining Elven city, for instance)

Party interactions : Think of Baldur's Gate II. If you have two specific NPCs in your party at a specific location or when you perform a certain action, they will banter. This might be serious, this might be funny, this might be offensive, it all depends on who's currently a member of your party.

* NO main quest : Sorry for shouting the no, but I always disliked the way most RPGs handle main quests. The world my (hopefully ours soon) game is set in is a mess and I honestly wouldn't be able to say which quest is a side quest and which one is the main quest. You don't have to find your family (although you might, if you want to) and you don't have to defeat an evil God (once again, you might, if you want to). You do have to save a princess, but that's only a small part early on in the game, during which the player will find out what kind of a mess the world is in so that the player can then decide what to do (see scenario below for more info. It's not really spoilerish at all, since you'll already know most of it after a short time of playing). If you want to consider that to be the main quest, please do, but it's more of an intro than a main quest IMHO.

* a camp system : Lo and behold, I've already managed to do that... partially anyways. You'll need a consumable tent to enter camp and you can only enter
camp on the world map. Depending on where you are, the camp will look slightly different (see screenshots below). In the camp you can rearrange your party,
communicate with those people who will not join your party (only a few NPCs will join your camp but will not be able to join your party) and communicate with other NPCs, possibly to unlock their own quest or to progress a romance, etc. I want to inlcude inns to this system as well, but they can only be accessed in towns (by walking through the door and renting a room), unlike the camps. The price of a room would rise depending on the amount of camp members you have (by means of adding and/or substracting a variable when a party member joins or leaves the party). I might implement something like that for tents as well (not sure yet).

A housing system : Why not, other games have done it. Buy a house, buy furniture, etc. Of course you'll have to be a legal citizen before you can buy a
house in a city.

An evolving world : if you just conquered a city it'd be strange to see the original guards still standing there & it'd be even stranger to see the
original ruler still ruling the city.

* Cities : Like I've already said, most games have a few shops, a few houses and a castle & that's supposed to be the great capital of nation X. I dislike that. Daggerfall was a great example of a game with a real city, but it was a bit generic. After trying (multiple times) to make a city that feels nice & citylike, I decided to stop trying (it was a waste of time), but I couldn't let go of the idea. Then I remembers Baldur's Gate II, Shadows of Amn, more specifically, I remembered Athkatla. They solved the problem by creating a city map with enterable areas. I've tried something similar, but I want you people to decide if such maps are actually acceptable for a game or not. I've got 1 finished map and one is currently in progress, but I'll post them both (although the 2nd map is a bit spoilerish. Oh well, it can't be helped.). I'll come back to this in the problems section.
The scenario:

You're a young person who'se mother died when you were 5 years old, beaten to death by a customer (although I might change that and make him her pimp) and
you've been left to fend for yourself. Depending on your gender, the next scene will show you 12 years later, either trying to find a customer yourself or
as a thug waiting for hapless victims to rob.The 2 small diversions in the storyline once again meet up and you end up in jail (either because you attacked
the captain of the guard or because the captain of the guard, who turned out to be your customer, believes you were part of the gang of thugs and that you
lured him there).

In jail, some things happen and you get to choose a profession. After doing that, you'll find out that the execution has been delayed and that you might
even be pardonned if you save the local princess. Since anything is better than the noose, I really believe most players will choose to save the princess
(although I'm also sure some will believe it would have been better to leave her to die after she's been in the party for a while). During all of this you'll
discover that the city you live in is corrupt and that there's a lot of racial discrimination in town. Elves and centaurs are used as slaves and they're not
really worth much at all (in the eyes of the inhabitants of Ethia, which is what I've called the city).

While saving the princess, you'll find out that the two neighboring kingdoms have been at war for decades and that the war hasn't really progressed in favor
of one or the other in years. The southern nation is a nation where gender discrimination is prevalent and the northern nation is a nation that has both
gender and racial discrimination, but to a lesser extent than Ethia and the southern nation.

You'll also learn that a nation has been discovered at the other side of the ocean, where human sacrifices are common. The locals claim that they do that to
keep the moon from eating the Earth (I think I've played too much agar.io....), cause the moon is an evil God (according to them) that always tries to eat
the Earth when there are no sacrifices. The sun chases the moon away every morning, but the sun can't be around 24/7.

The Elven nation is a mess. War after war they've fought against humanity, going as far back as 8000 years. Initially, they won them all, but as humanity
progressed technologically (inventing bronze and eventually iron weapons) & magically, the tide began to shift in favor of the humans. Now, only 1 city
remains and it's constantly being threatened by humans. They seem to have forgotten that they treated humans like little more than pets, back when they
were the superior species, but even though humans have a relatively short lifespan, they do seem to remember that little detail.

The centaurs are a tribal nation where the strong rule the weak. They only arrived 2000 years ago and they don't have any cities. They fight with simple
weapons and aren't really a match for the better armed humans.

Dwarves are a myth. Even 8000 years ago, if you really believed that something wasn't going to happen, you'd say something like
"I'd sooner see a dwarf than ...". Mythical, non-existent & no proof that they've ever existed at all have made everyone believe that they're nothing more
than fairytales (People should really check inside the mountains. They'd be able to find some beautiful ruins...).

I also want to add an Asian civ, a Sub-Saharan civ, a pre-Islamic Mesopotamian civ, etc. Each with their own questlines & most with a capital city.

The problem(s):

1. The biggest problem is that I'm alone & that I've never made a game before.

2. Who would like it? It'd be a huge waste of time if I (& hopefully others) would spend time creating a game that nobody wants.
2a. Would you like defining choices?
2b. How about no main quest (but lots of major quests and also a lot of minor quests)? I like it, but do you as well?

3. I've managed to get the camp system to work and you actually spend a tent when you do. If you're on a swampy area, you get a swampy scene, etc. The
problem is that I can still use my tent in town. You won't be teleported and I've managed to add a varible that replaces the used tent, but I'd much
rather see that the tent is grayed out. Is there a script available for that or do you think it'd be smarter to replace tent A (worldmap tent) with
tent B (every other place tent) which would not be consumable or usable & is once again replaced by tent A as soon as you enter the world map?
I believe a script might be easier, but I haven't been able to find one yet.

4. I had some problems creating cities. I've created one city & I'm in the process of creating a second city (maps of course). I also have an idea for a third city, but in case of Asian cities, I wouldn't know how to make them look different/unique. Please look at the screenshots if you don't know what I
mean. Then, tell me if it's acceptable to you. eventually that's what's most important, if the players like it.

Now the screenshots

Desert camp

Forest camp

Ethia (finished)

Tepoxcapan (unfinished)

Credits for the tiles used in the screenshots should go to Mack and Celianna.
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May I humbly suggest making a smaller game first? Wanting to make something "big" as a "first RPG Maker" project almost always ends in frustration. Particularly when one is new to a site, and are looking for a team to help with your project.

Also, I would highly, highly recommend reading Red_Nova's article about recruiting a team.
Also, I would highly, highly recommend reading Red_Nova's article about recruiting a team.

Good points, especially points 1 & 3 (I hope I was already specific (storywise) enough as far as point 2 goes).

I could make a demo of what I already have. It might not be a full game, but I hope it'll suffice to fulfill point 1 (show people what I can do). It may take me a while to connect all the independent stuff I already have, so I would like to ask you people to give this thread a rest until I'm capable of producing something worthy for you guys & girls.

About the frustration part: I know. The reason I finally decided to shout for help is because I was/am terribly frustrated. I know it's too much for a single person.
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