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hey ruffians,

I've been trying to create a circumstantial state for a single character, where due to the character's impressive HP and STR, he only takes a single turn for everyone else's 2. Like slaking's truant ability, for the pokephiles.

I have had a difficult time making this work. For some reason, a temporary 1-2 turn STUN state causes the character to either (a. have inconsistent turn missing, or (b. mess up and stay locked in a state of stun indefinitely.

What i did initially was create a new attack skill, replace the character's onboard attack command in battle, and attach a 1-2 turn STUN effect for each usage of the new command. but it hiccups and causes a locked character.

i would love to hear as many ideas as possible for such a feat!
Yanfly's Lunatic Scripts lets you give his skills the ability to inflict a one turn stun after attacking. Also, there's a script to let you replace his basic attack to one that stuns him.
Awesome, thanks very much. The classic RPG Maker dilemma: for every small conundrum, there's an obvious fix staring right in your face.

*What script are you talking about, with your second suggestion? another yanfly script?
I think it's the Weapon Attack Replace - it should work on an actor as well.
ah, I see. I had that script, but never thought to check it out. thanks again, this should handle what i needed.
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