15 YEARS ON... >_<;


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Well, damn. I didn't even make the connection between THIS rpgmaker.net and THAT rpgmaker.net until just now.

I remember using the old rpgmaker.net back when RMXP had just come out, and there hadn't been an official translation yet, so we had to work with a cracked version with a scripting window that trailed well off of the visible screen.

Welcome back.
Damn, sorry for posting on such an old thread, but this brings back memories of my middle-school and early high-school days. I hope all is well with airzone. His rpgmaker is what originally attracted me to rpgmaker.net. I did find an even older post by johan (whom I feel like I should remember better than I do) that had the same nostalgic effect, bringing back memories I didn't know were still there.

I am currently trying to find an old computer that I'm sure has those rpgmaker.net community based games, namely IRCP and Rpgmaker.net Story. Any chance some of you oldbies floating around have either of those still stored somewhere?
You might be able to find someone who does in this thread: https://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/22883/

Good luck! (If you do find them, send a PM to the Aremen account. It'd be worth it to get them actually on the site since they're part of the site history. (If they're not already somewhere around here, that is.))
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You traded a Nissan Skyline for that?

Regardless, It's cool to see someone from way back then rejoin the community they started, I'm pretty new here so reading up on this history is very interesting.

EDIT: I had no idea this thread was so old, I thought it was a new introduction thread.
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