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I've a character where I want to be in the party just so their sprite can lead the party as it runs but I don't want it to appear in the menu because it's redundant in battle.

Is there a way to either hide the character or be able to use a sprite as the player and still have 3 followers behind it?
So you want an actor to not appear in the menu status screen? It's possible, but... why?

in Window_MenuStatus, line 47:
def draw_item(index)
  return if index == 0 # <=
  actor = $game_party.members[index]
  index -= 1 # <=
  enabled = $game_party.battle_members.include?(actor)
  rect = item_rect(index)
  draw_actor_face(actor, rect.x + 1, rect.y + 1, enabled)
  draw_actor_simple_status(actor, rect.x + 108, rect.y + line_height / 2)
So the first member of the party will not show up in the menu.

Edit: I'm guessing that you won't want that certain character to show up in battles as well? If so:

In Window_BattleStatus, line 51
def draw_item(index)
  return if index == 0 # <=
  actor = $game_party.battle_members[index]
  index -= 1 # <=
  draw_basic_area(basic_area_rect(index), actor)
  draw_gauge_area(gauge_area_rect(index), actor)
So the first member of the party won't show up in the battle status window as well.
Well it's kind of a monster-raising game like... Dragon Quest Monsters where the player walks forward with 3 monsters tagging behind him, but only the monsters appear in battle.

So for the indexes, I just filled them all with 1 to remove the first character?
Oh, no no. I've already set it so that the first character won't show up :)

The lines with the '# <=' are the ones I added in. The first one tells the game to skip drawing the first character, while the second is to make sure that there are no blank slots on the screen.

Ah, also: when it comes to computer-y stuff, the first member of a list/group/array/whatever is *always* 0, not 1. I do not know why, but that's that.
It works, thanks again, Karin!!! YOU'RE THE BESTTTT

Although some scripts appeared to disagree with the existence of an invisible party member. I had to settle for removing the scripts .__.

But this was a tremendous help. Now I gotta rush the rest of IGMC RAAAAAAAAGH
Karin! There's a problem!

When I use Status to select the characters, it'll trackback to whichever position the character is.

Like if I selected the monster in the first slot, it'd show the main character instead. Is there a way to fix it?
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