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Hey, guys! We are now CLOSED! Thank you for your interest in testing Epic Quest. :) Those of you who didn't get in -- we look forward to seeing you when the game is released!

It sounds good, I would like one!

Just one question, wouldn't this count as advertising of your game, and therefore, agaainst the rules of the site?

EDIT: Oh, right! There's nothing rule-breaking here! Just free Steam keys!

...Yeah. XD
It’s your actions.. not your strength, that would lead you to victory.

He's giving away steam keys, shhh...
Testing is closed, please don't e-mail us anymore asking for keys. :) Thank you!
Ready! I just sent you a e-mail. :)
I'm interested. Can you give me one key please?
I want to get a key if that's possible. Thanks.
I would like a key if thats okay :3
I would like a key if that's possible. Thanks very much.
Man, that's a lot of people that joined the site today, and pretty close to each other in time just to get free Steam Keys... XD
I would also like to get a key, please. Thanks.
If you dont mind i also would like to ask for a key.
I just looked through Pictures of Epic Quest of the 4 Crystals and it looks really nice.
So i really wanted to test out your game.

(Would understand if you decline because of a lot of people want one for free)
I'm interested! Can you give me key, please? :)
the game is wonderful) really want to try the gameplay^^ you can get the key, please)
I would like to have a key. Thanks.
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