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You're magical to me.
Yeah, I was a fan of Lenna too. I never really liked Rosa, sadly (much more gung-ho about Rydia honestly, but who wasn't? She got all the characterisation out of the females in that game) but Lenna at least had some oomph to her. A determined princess who rode dragons (aw yeah) and was more proactive than most of the ladies we'd had to that date (bar Faris, who was some special kind of lady).

Yeah, Rydia was totally my favorite from FF4, too! ^_^ Oooh, I need to have a Rydia avatar in the future! :D Rosa's not bad, just a bit bland compared to later FF ladies and kind of a typical white mage personality, and I never really identified with her.

I wonder if they'd planned for Faris to be a male, then at some point just switched her gender to switch it up a bit, which would account for her being more like a male character with how she's treated - no damsel in distress acts and totally kick-ass.

Then again, it was just after this game that we got Terra and Celes and Relm, so... maybe she was always female in her designers' minds and they'd just decided to showcase the two types of women characters they'd had at that point.

Yeah, I could see it happening either way. The only time I remember Faris being stereotypically feminine was when she was forced to dress up at the castle, and she didn't stand for that for long XD

Krile is cool, but we get her so late and I still feel like I don't know her too well. I've always been confused with just how old she is (according to a wiki I saw, apparently she's 14, which is even younger than I had imagined) and what her fighting powers were like before... um... the spoilery thing.
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Galuf was my favorite character. I always like cool grandpas.
Celes is best girl ever

Also can I just say that I find it really amusing that this went from a discussion about BM "leaving" to FF characters? Because I have the biggest smirk on my face right now.
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Jesus, what the hell?

I come back after a 24 hour game jam and a Friday lesson and you guys have done over a page!

SnowOwl you're absolutely right, I am very needy, but don't like to feel like I am, thus I try to act like I don't care, a lot of the time it's in interest of not giving people need to assault me because they know I'll take it pretty well, a lot of other times it's selective ignorance.

I definitely don't have enough social experience, but I have and will continue to try to better myself. That's all I can really promise.

I'm on break for a week (+typical weekend) and I've handed my assignments in, so I might be here a little during this week, we'll see!
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Squirtle is my favourite pokemon.
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Things aren't that black and white, I've never found BizarreMonkey's posts to be that bad, at least the ones I saw.

There's a lot of people I find much more offensive.

I agree with Toaster_Team's post which everyone seems to have ignored, probably because it makes people feel they're wrong, just like it makes me feel I'm right.

See? Not so black and white ;)

Umm...yeah, but you're mostly nice and only really get not nice when somebody genuinely has it coming so...

I beg to differ.
I'll never change. "Me" is better than your opinion, dummy!
Not to blame anyone here, as this again is me probably being short-sighted, but I went into this community and it seemed really staunch and tough (again, this may not be anyone's fault, just the impression I got), so I probably presented myself as way too much of a shitlord for my own good. I had to do that on RMRK because being sensitive there is likened to being in a collaboration with Hitler's long traumatized ghost, the fact I was a shit artist back then (though I'm still not great, even now) also probably didn't help.

I saw a lot of ... how do I say this without it seeming negative? Similar sort of influences from there to here, the tagline's also do their best to suggest (again, from my POV) that the forum is relatively conditioned to hardasses. So I didn't typically filter myself. Doing that isn't hard, so long as any place is worth it, I just thought being completely myself where I swear a lot, insult people as a joke (it's rarely meant to be honest, if I use an overbearing tone or uppercase it's pretty much never meant sincerely, but again, my fault for assuming you guys would have the omniscience to know that) and just in general stating my controversial or unpopular opinions.

Now I'm okay with being 'unpopular opinions guy', I've played the role before. But I wasn't meaning to go overboard with it, when I did and became aware of it, I decided to be even more of a whimsical poopdeck buttmeiser and make that one particular phrase that everybody loves.

So yeah, sorry to anyone who I legitimately made upset, had it been my intention or not, I will now seek to be not such-a-mighty-buttwipe. I hope that doesn't sound too much like 'I'm going to lower my yelling voice' because that would be holier than thou. I want to do this for my own benefit, it's not because you guys whined and I'm caving, believe me I'm too stubborn to be swayed by popular dogma. If I do anything that is seemingly for anyone else's benefit, it's probably just for me and you guys get a bonus out of it. That also probably sounds holier than thou, damn it!

Um, basically I'm not better than you okay?? Jeez!

I'm just a very self-serving person. I'm plainly aware of that fact, and I'm not going to change it because it's easy to cloak, humans are all still built for survival after all, I'm not defying human nature here, I'm not that good. What I'm going to do is try very hard and never stop trying to be less of a petulant squirming arsehole.

Iddalai and the Toaster fella aren't completely off the mark either. I've only made a few posts that are really worth so much disdain, and the first couple I made here are definitely telling of that. I certainly don't think I've made enough of an ass of myself to be the most disreputable member here, especially considering I've only been really active since late 2014, that would be quite a feat. It may be that because of this thread I have become the selective icon of disingenuous 'dislike'. But I really don't know, and while I vow to change how I respond to be more on your level, I think personally that I'm still pretty cool, I'm just doing too much to try and illustrate that. My fault is that i want too much for you guys to like me, lmao.

In doing that, and your eventual decline in approval, I begin to get frustrated, that leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to to biz pooping all over on the darkside.

I should have just been truthful from the start, I presented myself to be better than I am, people saw through it, and now I'm all like 'welp, shit!'.

TL;DR: don't make my mistake of trying to be betterer person than thine art. Just be thy honest wanker and be cool about it, the end??

Like I connect with characters like Kanaya Maryam because I tend to make the mistake of letting myself feel that I know more than i do and act like I'm important, where in reality I'm really just sort of goofy and comical and it's not like the world would end with me.
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats

I'd pay you to draw me pictures if I knew how much to give. Til then, all I can give you is my heart. <3
I'll never change. "Me" is better than your opinion, dummy!
Drawing is pretty much never an obligation for me. I do it because it's fun.

I basically tried to draw last night but couldn't find inspiration, so if you want me to draw shit add me on skype (just search bizarre monkey) and I'll gauge the notion of your request and see if I can do it. Worst I can do is say no. I don't need your money, and wouldn't feel right taking it. Unless you're asking for something beyond my scope of what I can do artistically or... morally, you would be doing me a favor.
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I'm barely active around here these days, but just based on everything you've said in this thread I already don't like you. You remind me of the old GW mods just with no power to exert your need to show you're better than the rest of us.

This "I'm gonna try harder to not be an ass" bullshit is laughable at best. If you were to say this to us all in person I would probably take it more seriously. Fact is though, this is a forum, where you have all the time in the world to write a reply or post & think about what you have to say in regards to whatever you're discussing. Yet every time you've decided to not be a decent person & come off as some needy attention whore, like just being in your presence is a gift you've bestowed upon us.

Just grow up, take Libertys advice & contribute to the community. Perseverance looks great btw, hope it all goes well.
I'll never change. "Me" is better than your opinion, dummy!
Okay. I'm seriously fucking pissed off with myself. Tau is right, I am desperate for attention and UUGGHHH I HATE THAT BECAUSE I HATE THOSE PEOPLE YET HERE I AM BEING EVERYTHING I HATE FUCKING EPIPHANY UP IN HERE!

And looking back, this is what I've been for most of my life, it's what I'm being like right now. I... I have no idea how to change it.

I'm gonna have to think about it, talk to myself a lot, be very open to things anyone says.

I realized this when despite my post I made (before this edit), I just wanted to deck Tau at first, because he likened me to something I hate, but then it all hit me.

It's exactly what I am. I'm gonna be seeing a psychologist soon (been in the works for a while), until I feel comfortable though again with what a horrible piece of shit I am, I'm not gonna be here at all. I know that sounds like it's a grab for attention, but I really don't want to be like this anywhere.

"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
I'll never change. "Me" is better than your opinion, dummy!
Okay. This will be my last post anywhere that isn't on the game discussion subforum.

This thread will be locked and I will not be posting anywhere nearby. It was a grave mistake entering into politics here, and I apologize for any feelings I may have hurt, and I can't promise I won't in the future, but what i can promise is that I won't post anything outside of game dev subforums, hell you guys will probably forget all this happened in a few months anyway.

Maybe I was desperate for attention, maybe I wanted you guys to think I'm cool and went the wrong way about doing that? Anycase, all I've left to do is be humble, accept like I have, but still do, that i was wrong, and finally do the only thing I know I can do, stay out of trouble zones where the ignorance of some will be impossible to ignore. As some wiseguy once said, there is no discussion, only gam mak, and discussion of gam mak therein (actually nobody said that I just made it up right now.)

But basically, I'm gonna post on the screenshot thread, whatchu workin on etc and forget all this ever happened, I'm hoping you'll do the same. Just, wow. Fuck this, whatever this shit is.

Getting thread locked and maybe archived into the shitter too. No one deserves to see this.

"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
Did you ever get in touch with that psychologist?

I'm not sure what mindset you're in right now or if you'd be able to listen to reason, but I legit want what's best for you. I'm not sure if my past posts in this thread might have come across as snarky and sarcastic under the guise of being "friendly", but I promise you that wasn't my intent; I just wanted to have a bit of lighthearted fun after all we've been through. You're obviously in a state of great mental distress and I encourage you to open up to a professional and get their qualified diagnosis.

Don't give up, little buddy; it's never too late. You're not a bad person.


I'm sorry if this came out sloppy, but I didn't know how much time I had until this thread got closed. I just really wanted to get this on paper.
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Why the hell is this thread over 4 pages?
I'll never change. "Me" is better than your opinion, dummy!
Why the hell is this thread over 4 pages?
Good Question.

Better one is why it still isn't locked. :/

@Corf: Lol, I couldn't tell if you were being snarky or legitimately wanted to calm me down but I worked out I was getting annoyed over pretty much nothing from the start. Don't worry about it mang.

I will still be going to a psychologist, talking to some friends about the whole debacle certainly helped but I do still plan to do that.
"wait you made this a career?"
Why the hell is this thread over 4 pages?

The intro forum is like a second welp.
It wasn't locked because the people with the power to do so no longer follow the thing on account of having other much more important things to do in their lives. Oh, and you didn't bother to ask someone to lock it. Try doing that in the future~

Locked on behalf of the original poster.
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