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Some of this is submitted by bugmenot. Some of stuff I've found or used either here or in cherry share. Original list is here, but it has you look through the forum versus direct link.



32Bit(2k3) (Allows 32-bit color blending, see below)

AnimationBugFix(2k3) (I can't reduce german, but apparently this fixes some skill scroll/invoke skill animation bug issue)

AntiLag (General anti-lag, seems to use alot of ini stuff though)

AntiLagSwitch (reduces lag when using alot of switches and variables)

This patch turns off the progression of the time bars in battle and allows to easily assign who makes his turn next.
One BattleEventPage with "turns elapsed 1x" is enough to control everything.

Var(3350) is used to assign all the turns:
1 .. 4 -> party member
-1 .. -8 -> monster

After assigning a turn, a simple status message will be written into Var:
0 = successfully assigned
11 = invalid target (dead / not available, 0 turns elapse)
12 = target is stunned (1 turn elapses)
13 = turn canceled (after pressing escape when choosing a command, 0 turns elapse)

download LunarIPS
First step: make a backup of your RPG_RT.exe (just in case)
open Lunar IPS -> apply IPS patch -> select the .ips file (this patch) -> file type: all types -> select the RPG_RT.exe

Upon patching you can change the Variable_ID in the RPG_RT.exe at 0x94EE2 by using a HexEditor. Or put this patch into your DynPatches folder and:
;Use bracket instead of parentheses

This allows to assign Event_ID and Animation_ID of the <Show Battle Animation> command by usage of variables.

Var(3328) = Event_ID
Var(3329) = Animation_ID
;Use brackets

If a variable is zero, the value assigned in the <Show Battle Animation> command will be used instead.

download LunarIPS
First step: make a backup of your RPG_RT.exe (just in case)
open Lunar IPS -> apply IPS patch -> select the .ips file (this patch) -> file type: all types -> select the RPG_RT.exe

Upon patching you can change the Variable_ID in the RPG_RT.exe at 0x87F0A (Var(3328)) and 0x87FAB (Var(3329)) (2k) or 0xAEE96 (Var(3328)) and 0xAEF35 (Var(3329)) (2k3) by using a HexEditor. Or put this patch into your DynPatches folder and paste the following into your DynRPG.ini:
Zitat Zitat von DynRPG.ini
;brackets here, but parentheses on the line below

BattleEndFix(2k3) (All german, dunno. Possibly it fixes an error with the battle end)

BattleMessenger(2k3) (I dunno what this does, if there is an error, probably read the help files and make sure nothing's missing in the ini)

BGM&SE-PointerPatch (Kaine had a link, dunno what it does though.)

BreakLoopFix (I assume it fixes an issue with break loop, or reduces lag. German)

CharExpandPatch(2k3) (Duh. It's the one that allows you to have nonstandard charset sizes)

(I remember when I change class, it automatically unequips stuff, so I assume some issue with this)

Crit% (It's in german. But I think it tweaks the 1 in % for crit, somehow)

CustomSaveLoad(2k) (I think I've used this. It allows you to create your own saveload thing using variables.)

DamageOverOwnTime(2k3) (I think I remember this one too. It means that status effects don't go off until after you act, reducing the whole constant drain while you are letting enemies do their turns)

Allows you to open submenus directly. More information here

Allows you assign separate experience. More info here

This patch allows you to set the damage reduction when defending.

download LunarIPS
First step: make a backup of your RPG_RT.exe (just in case)
open Lunar IPS -> apply IPS patch -> select the .ips file (this patch) -> file type: all types -> select the RPG_RT.exe

Upon patching you can change the percentages in the RPG_RT.exe with any kind of HexEditor:
0x75CEA (normal defense)
0x75CF1 (strong defense)

0x9C428 (normal defense)
0x9C42F (strong defense)

Or put this patch into your DynPatches folder and:
;Put brackets around quickpatches instead of parentheses

InfoDisloc(2k3) (I can't read german but if you can, here)

LinkToEventFix(2k3) (I think this is to fix a bug that crashes for "missing" skills when you use Link to Event commands and follow it with skills)

;brackets above
MenuSize is taken from Var(3341) (if 0, it takes the size from the database or from the last game session / save file).
max. 8, min. 1, crashes if below 0 (blame me if you want).

MenuOption is taken from Var(3342)+ (3342 is Option#1, 3343 is Option#2, ... , 3349 is Option#8 )
The menu option can be assigned for each position / Option#:
0 = default (taken from database)
1 = Item
2 = Skill
3 = Equip
4 = Save
5 = Status
6 = Row
7 = Order
8 = ATB
-1 = empty

Last option is always Quit. MenuSize does not go below 2.

MessageSwitch (Damned if I know. More about it here)

MonSca (This alters monster parameters. It has alot of ini code, so link here)

This patch allows you to assign the Event_ID for a <Move Event> by variable.

Var(3330) = Event_ID

1 .. 10000 = Events
10001 = Hero
10002 = boat
10003 = ship
10004 = airship
10005 = this event

If the variable has a value of zero or below, the event that was assigned by the <Move Event> command will be moved instead.

download LunarIPS
First step: make a backup of your RPG_RT.exe (just in case)
open Lunar IPS -> apply IPS patch -> select the .ips file (this patch) -> file type: all types -> select the RPG_RT.exe

Upon patching you can change the Variable_ID in the RPG_RT.exe at 0x8807A (2k) or 0xAF006 (2k3) by using a HexEditor. Or put this patch into your DynPatches folder and:
Zitat Zitat von DynRPG.ini
;brackets again

Not compatible with the first version of RowPhysSkills (WIP)

Physical damage isn't reduced by additional 25% on a "Back Attack" encounter. (Enemy was interpreted as being in the back row.)
The same thing for the accuracy.

The code for physical attacks of player and enemy was combined, so QuickPatches that alter the damage formulas of player/enemy (formulas for Skills were not altered) and the RowBonus have to be removed from the DynRPG.ini. Instead there is:

;brackets here not parentheses

;you know the drill
Damage of a "2 Weapon Style" hero is calculated seperately for both weapons. The same thing wasn't done with the accuracy (calculated with the weapon's AGI)

Changing rows in battle will not waste a turn. Thus another battle command can be executed in the same turn.
(Can be combined with SwapRow+... however, the row command can't be detected by the BattleEventTrigger anymore.)

download LunarIPS
First step: make a backup of your RPG_RT.exe (just in case)
open Lunar IPS -> apply IPS patch -> select the .ips file (this patch) -> file type: all types -> select the RPG_RT.exe

Or put this patch into your DynPatches folder.

ReflectBugFix(2k3) (I think this is a fix for a sharing violation that happens when some enemies have reflect and get hit by magic)

This allows you to use a command instead of Row. In the QuickPatches of DynRpg.ini, add in
;Replace 1 with the id number
; I don't actually remember this part, maybe it was removed in later versions?

RowVar(2k3) (This does variables for rows or something? Here)

RPS(2k3) (Not sure if this is the latest version... This is complicated so I'm providing a link. Basically, it does two things. It tweaks certain features of battle, such as making 0% attibute display Immune. And it allows attributes with %1 to %12 to be set to items and skills. For instance, you can make skills that ignore Reflect)

SelfVar (okay, fixed)
Too many damned brackets, so here, I'll put a link

SetBattler(2k3) (Setting battler on variable, I assume. More about it here)

Add this to quickpatches.
It allows you to use a variable to change the discount price for stores.

SkillScrollSwitch (Adds additional options to disable the use of SkillScroll Items on field / in battle.)

SROA Switches(2k3)
Stands for Status Row Order ATB. Add these codes to quick patch, and voila, you have custom switches for menu options!

StatusAnimationFix(2k3) (If a Condition is applied to a Hero mid-movement ("step forward", "jump forward", "move to target"), he/she returns to the proper location without getting stuck.)

When using ForkCondition "Switch = ON/OFF" the Switch_ID stored in Var will be used instead.
Add this to QuickPatches

VarExtender(2k) (Urgh, too much stuff. More about it here)

VertiGauge (Allows guage to display vertically instead of horizontally)

VisuCommands(2k3) (Not sure about this one)

VisuGauge(2k3) (Overlap with VertiGuage above)




PicsInBattle (Most awesome patch ever. Allows you to battle put ANYTHING into your battle as a picture, and allows layer control too. At least the patch did, I'm not sure about the ips. There's a tutorial on cherrytree about his one)

Keyboard and Mouse Input (Allows keyboard and mouse commands. Very awesome. Mouse needs a range though, or you have trouble clicking on stuff)

UnlockPics (This is hard to describe, you can run pictures and text simultaneously. I've not gotten this to work right, but I think you can have something like animated facial expression pictures while running text)

BetterAEP (Allows start without title screen, allowing you to either make your own, or launch straight into the game)

PicPointerPatch (I've never really used this, but I think it's pretty straightforward. It lets you use more pictures)

MathPlugin (allows alot of sort of engineering math stuff)

DynTurnBattle (Allows for Turn Based Combat, an update of Cerberus's code here)

Blending Modes (Allows you to have blended colors for images)

Menu Clock (not only allows a menu clock, which is awesum enough, but allows foreground and background images for a semi-custom menu)

Line of Sight (This lets you do stuff like guards spotting you)

Particle Effects (Allows you to do sort of particle-animations like dozens of mini hearts or stars)

File Control (Allows you to save words and stuff into .txt files, so you can have stuff that is global but only activates after you do stuff. Think unlockable awards. It's really useful)

MessageExtender2c (Allows you to do a ton of message \commands, alot more than the original MessageExtender. Fixed alot of different stuff)

DynData Access
(This allows you to access alot of stuff during battle, including transforming enemies and the background, or find out hp/mp)

KazString (Despite the name, this is mostly my work now. It's called this because Kazesui helped me with the original version, which stored alot of stuff into names. Like I could store an item name as a name, which could then be displayed as such. I edited it since then, expanding it to monsters, skills, etc. Some of this stuff is redundant, since the MessageExtender2 can also do this. I added extra commands since then, and there are about 10 or 20 processes that are all OnComment. There's a tutorial, but the highlight of the plugin is that it allows you to store an array matrix of variables. I could for instance check a particular slot, reassigning the variable to a new number from storage (because this is stored offsite, this means you free up variables for other purposes). This is pretty useful, for anything from reusing a chest variable to making some sort of custom battle system. I personally set the limit to 20 x 1000 matrix I think, but I am pretty certain that one could expand this, since the code is open-source)

The Filtered List of 2k3 plugins (Pretty much everything else)

Text Plugin (Insert text ANYWHERE)

Minimaps (Makes little minimaps)

RagnaDyn (Alot of battle effects, includes a status where you die if no MP)

CMS Tools (including no-auto battle ips)

Date and Time (Very fun plugin, you can get real time)

Animated Monsters (Check File, allows you to auto load animated folders just by having the same name as the folder for the monster)

https://rpgmaker.net/users/bulmabriefs144/locker/AlwaysWindowed.zip (This is linked to my locker, because it is super-important for games, since past Windows 8.1 some computers literally give a Direct Draw error if they are tried in fullscreen)

(This is the fixed version by Bugmenot. Posted here for easier location)

Other Utilities (Basically, all utilities sorted by Rpg Tsukuru 2003)

Kaine's Collection 1 (Most of these are common plugins, but it looks like Kain is hosting some of Corti's plugins. And mine. And some I've never seen)

Kaine's Collection 2 (This includes many of bugmenots patches from the german site, and some obscure ones)

OpenGL Support
(In addition to expanding the screen, you can change the color set, and such. There are some small glitches and you have to fiddle around with it though)

(This takes a bit of work to understand. Basically, you can add parameters to text, color, battle targeting, anything really, and then you use something called overwrite_next in the comments to override the next command. It's handy, but it takes alot to figure out)

(I'm gonna add in files that aren't in the utilities, but I need help because they are nested inside 60+ pages of DynRPG SDK)

(This won't tell you what these do, it's just a long list)


NON-DYNRPG (Just as an extra because I'm tired of hunting it down):

Turn-Based Patch

(This loads the game outside RPG_RT, allowing you to bypass stuff like the dreaded DDERR error that you get if DirectDraw is sorely lacking)

David Patch
(This allows you to override arbitrary stat limitations; it's not a true patch, it just replaces the default 2k3)

Holy crap,Jackpot!!
Thanks bulmabriefs144..!?
(I'm going to download ALL of these for no reason)

EDIT: BattleMessenger(2k3) don't work..It says ERROR
Oh good! I have my personal archive here:
dynrpg & plugins:
ips patch:
If you need anything, take what you wish. Cheers!


What I found a while back (I apparently also had this on my external too), which is a minimap plugin for 2k3. Still trying to figure out how to make it work fully, since the instructions are confusing and I'm trying to figure out how to solve some issues here and there.

Also, if you could do so Bulma, having a little description of what each plugin does would be helpful too.
Descriptions of each plugin would help if/when possible, but otherwise THANK YOU. Seriously... First thing onmind right now is the first item on the list.. haha .. 32 bit fix for 2k3?
Sorry, the site is in german, so I'd need help. I will try to update this, adding in description and more utilities i've found, like we definitely need a turn-based plugin.

I'm gonna add more stuff.
That AntiLagSwitch-thing is the predecessor of AntiLag. They do the same thing, but you should not use them both. Go with AntiLag and ignore the other one. There's no .ini stuff at all.

32Bit(2k3) (I can't read german, no idea. Maybe it's a fix for 32 bit resolution or something)
No, just a Patch that had a problem fixed. It works on its own, shove it into DynPatches or apply it.

First thing onmind right now is the first item on the list.. haha .. 32 bit fix for 2k3?
The default color palette has 16 bit-sized entries. This changes it.
It's basically the difference between this

and this

Also tell the people you got your plugins from:
If they've put anything in that utilizes RPG::Image or does anything with an image's width/height/alpha/coloreffect, that they should swap some files in ..\CodeBlocks\MinGW for a moment
and to recompile the plugin for a 32bit compatible version.
(Which won't work for 16bit anymore, 'cause RPG::Image's got a slightly different structure. I haven't thought about a solution, to not swap/unswap the files all the time, yet.)
Thanks bugmenot. Would not have figured that out. Can you explain some of the stuff that I couldn't read?

And Kaine, can you explain ummmm... 1kPicPatch, 2k3DirectItemEquipMenu, 2k3DirectItemEquipSkillMenu, (AllowPlayerMoveInMsg and AlwaysWindowed seems self-explanatory), BattleAniPointer, KillSwitch, hp2demo, Item(HPA)Fix, lips102, MapInMenu?
Can you explain some of the stuff that I couldn't read?

I could pack all those bugfixes (including QuickPatches you didn't list) into one file (since the official 2k3 version still got about three dozen things wrong in the code, too) to simplify things.

Some of that stuff is fairly ancient and would need a (working) overhaul. Most can be made obsolete when DynRPG gets updated or whatever-the-heck-functionality is added into the RPG Maker editor in a less awkward way (pointer patches utilize variables, albeit making you use 2 event commands instead of just 1).
I meant how this " 50'000 + Var_ID " would have been better to be moved into a <ShowPicture> "Number by Variable ID [...]" clickety thing to have it more direct and obvious without having to consult a readme.

@comments could get rid of pointer patches anyway (why yes, I'd have to bother with a source update some time to call event commands).

Don't bother listing it.

2k3DirectItemEquipMenu, 2k3DirectItemEquipSkillMenu
Already covered by the DirectMenuPatch thingy.
Makes me think about those SemiDirect[xyz]Menu QuickPatches. ...and the other few hundred QuickPatches.

You got that listed already under BattleAnimationPointer.

There's an english readme where one of you found it.

Something about fixing a problem when that normal_skill_window_duration stuff was applied, but can't be removed from the Patch folder (because reasons).

... exactly what it says. The Map as the menu background.
Hopefully that's the fix I posted (at the end of the post), because Cherry forgot not to draw the map in battle and crash the game.
For now, I'd be wary of RPS+ due to its big bug that needs fixed as I discovered the hard way. If the enemy uses a skill at the same time the player uses an item, the game will crash each and every time. This is what I've found out, and I've found no other way around this bug either. Maybe BUG can fix this bug? I think he made the plugin, yes?
Map as the menu background? As in, it just creates the Main Menu over top? Seriously? That sounds cool.

Pack all the stuff that is bugfix. Anything that is not for an actual feature, just to stop X bug from screwing you over. And yes, can you do something about that problem? It happens every time like this. I use it anyway, but it means I get worried people playing my game will be like "can't play it, because it crashes." It basically says that an item is missing, when I clearly selected it from the menu the turn before.
RPS(2k3)is kinda cool,how exactly you make a skill that ignores reflect.?
You simply make a bunch of elemental attributes named %1 through %12 (name them something after that so you know what they are). I think %3 is ignore reflect. %4 is evasion. Put that on weapons and you have a ghost hitting weapon. Put it on spells and you have a spell that can miss for evasion.

Noting this here, to see if anyone else has had any weird issues with this Antilag (Slow) plugin. I don't know if it's due to it being weird with some other plugins I have, or if it just didn't like something in my game specifically or what, but yeah...
Even newspapers have those nowadays.
Somebody please update it with plugins that are compatible with 1.12a, please.
Somebody please update it with plugins that are compatible with 1.12a, please.

That probably wont ever happen
dynrpg is not compatible with the official version
I wanna ask if it's possible make a modification
to disable the "spin" of the sprites in battle,
usually the battles can have monsters from left, or right
and the characters look them. But if you try to make a front side battle
system with the sprites below the enemies, they can change of direction.
It's possible that there's a way to disable the auto-spin because they detect the enemies coordinates.
I wonder if really no patches are compatible with 1.12..? hmm
stuff like cherry's No Auto Battle .hpa would've been quite useful on steam RM, particularily now that there's a pictures-in-battle function. It'd allow us to completely overhaul the UI by making it invisible and forcing pictures on top of it, but as is it's impossible since the Auto Battle command moves the display. it's a shame, but I suppose there's little point in 2019 lol

Too bad cherry can't accept donations for patching either

EDIT: Changed the post to make myself clearer, because of the post below.
I wonder if really no plugins are available with 1.12..? hmm
stuff like no auto battle would've been quite useful on steam RM. it's a shame, but I suppose there's little point in 2019 lol

Too bad cherry can't accept donations for patching either
dynrpg is not compatible with the official version
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