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Today's topic is all about repositioning!
Both of these patches contain very dirty and ugly "optimizations" in order to create enough space for my code to fit in.

VarTimerPos (2000-1.62 only yet)

This patch uses variables 3401 and 3402 to determine where to draw the timer, same for 3403 and 3404 in default battle-screen.

With this you can e.g. change the corner where the default timer is positioned midgame, let it shake intensely, position it on an enemy or make it constantly follow the player, an event or vehicle. Use it wisely and creative!

If you use Screen32 for 2000-1.62, use 32bit-version of this patch and only apply this AFTER Screen32, not before (see page).

MenuReversed (2000-1.62 only yet)

It swaps the layout of the main-screen in the default menu, so commands and gold go to the right side. This was done by other people for several versions before, but I'm sure 2000-1.62 wasn't one of them yet (and this one is made from scratch).

ModernEndScreen & RemoveQuitQuestion (2003-1.09~1.12 only yet)

With this patch you can make the end-screen in default menu look and work more like it does in RPG Maker XP, VX and Ace, means it adds a "Shutdown" option between "Yes"/"To Title" and "No"/"Cancel" that closes the game-application. The text used for "Shutdown" command is the same as the one used for "Shutdown" on title-screen.

If you wanna go all-in, you can additionally apply the "MES"-version of enclosed patch RemoveQuitQuestion afterwards. It removes the question-window and changes the text-source of "Shutdown" to the string that normally would be used for the now-unused question.

Or if you just want to remove the question-window and retain yes-no-choice, just pick the "Classic"-version of RQQ instead.

Example-screenshot of how MES and RQQ-MES in combination will look ingame is available on the page.

Update on DirectItemMenu

This nice thing by Cherry I've ported last year from 2003-1.08 to 2003-1.09~1.12 is now available for 2000-1.62 (based on version for 2000-1.07)!

A ton of ports of ColorShopper

Made in 2014 by bugmenot for RPG2003-1.08, it changes only a single byte. And nothing more than that is needed to prevent the party-actors in default shop-screen to display grayed-out when they can't use/equip an item. Useful for monochrome-colored games that are not using normal graytones.

FlexibleWalker EX+α

The patch for dynamic character-size calculation based on source's width and height I made in November 2020 is now completely re-revised, uses much less code-space, is available for 2000-1.62 and 2003-1.09~1.12 (Maniac Patch only up to mp210414 as always), replaces the ENTIRETY of RPG_RT's CharSet-drawing-function and finally supports bush-terrains on lowertiles without any glitches! Be sure to pick a version tagged "32bit" if you applied "Screen32" or a comparable patch beforehand.

You can also apply it to an EXE that already had the old FlexibleWalker, it shouldn't have side-effects.

FWEX-Addon: BushPointer
https://archive.org/details/RPGMakerPatch_FlexibleWalker (see folder "Addons")

This is an experimental addon-patch specifically for FlexibleWalker EX+α that lets you decide the height and opacity-factor of all terrains' bush-lines through variables (default: V #1001 and V #2001 for terrain #0001's line and factor respectively). Opacity ranges from 0 (invisible) to 255 (relative 100% of the engine's normal opacity-calculation's result (default half-transparency not included).

If a terrain is set to bush-setting "full", it will ignore variables and displays entire characters with half visibility like it normally would, all other settings use the variables (and are equal now).

With this it's also possible to animate the bush-height and opacity of individual terrains in parallel-events, e.g. to have a nice little effect on characters standing in moving water. And that's only one of many possibilities.

Direct Menu Patch for 2000-1.62

Almost exactly seven years (this wasn't on purpose) after the last fixed version of bugmenot's patch that can directly open the subscreens for inventory, skills and equipment (also status and order in RPG2003) without going through the default menu's mainscreen, the patch has now been ported over to 2000-1.62.

Variable #3326 still tells the engine which menu-screen to open and #3327 which party-actor (1~4) or database-actor (-1~-5000 or even more) to use (0 works same as 1, equal to party's leader-member).

KillSwitch ported to 2000-1.62 and 2003-1.09~1.12

Prevents that the gameover-screen will appear on map as long as switch #999 is OFF. After setting it to ON, gameover will appear when the NEXT party-knockout-check to happen results positive (check can be enforced by some event-commands like HP-change).

VarTextWidthPatch ported to 2003-1.09~1.12

Implements invididual width for all 256 characters of the ANSI-encoding in all default text-displays, you'll have to hack the correct values into RPG_RT after applying the patch, starting at address 0x25000. Half-space (the backslash-underscore command) is located at character 0x01 and is defaulted to width of 3 pixels, everything else to 6.

This is primarily made for usage in the message-text-window, it will look a bit broken in default menu-screens.

FontHeight14 ported to 2000-1.07, 2000-1.62 and 2003-1.09~1.12
https://archive.org/details/RPGMakerPatch_VarTextWidth (same item-page as VTWP)

Since the version for 2003-1.08 was originally bundled together with VTWP, the ports are together on one page too. This one can be used without VTWP and gives your text a little more space in height if the fonts you plan to use need it.

Party Knockout Alert

This patch, like KillSwitch, utilizes switch #999, but this time it is automatically set to ON when a party-knockout-check is resulting positive and the gameover-screen will never be called by it on the map-screen. The switch can be used as condition to build an event-based gameover-handler while still being able to use the engine's normal actor-HP and knockout-state.

The behaviour inside battle still depends on 2003-battle-settings or other patches like GOTeleport (which Cherry has made for 2000-1.07).

Available for:
★ 2000-1.07, 2000-1.50, 2000-1.51/1.52, 2000-1.62
★ 2003-1.08, 2003-1.09~1.12 (Maniac Patch only up to mp210414)

Using this in combination with KillSwitch will break the EXE.

SwitchOnMenuCall RE Critical Update!
https://archive.org/details/RPGMakerPatch_SwitchOnMenuCall (still same item-page)

I remade SOMC at end of April and for weeks I forgot to release it, also added files for some more old builds of RPG_RT.

To everyone who uses SOMC, I highly recommend to either replace the patch in your game OR if you want to still use the old one, to at least put a switch-operation-command right after the point where your game starts to set a switch with SOMC's ID or higher so that enough switches-data is initialized.

This prevents that some data in memory may corrupt when trying to call the menu. With the new patch, this is not needed anymore as it contains a fix to this mistake I did back in 2016.


A patch that does a little change to how faces are displayed ingame. The color at index #0 normally used for transparent areas now gets drawn aswell, so you'll have less amount of stress creating a palette and all 256 colors can be utilized.

But as this applies to every single face in the game, it's only possible to use if you plan to have face-graphics without transparent areas only. Also in default file-menu there will be black rectangles on empty party-actors, even in empty save-slots.

Available for:
★ 2000-1.07, 2000-1.10, 2000-1.50, 2000-1.51/1.52, 2000-1.60, 2000-1.61, 2000-1.62
★ 2003-1.05, 2003-1.08, 2003-1.09~1.12 (Maniac Patch only up to mp210414)

Game Over Teleport Patch (FT Edition)

A heavily modified version of GOTP originally made by Cherry in 2011 for 2000-1.07 that replaces the gameover-screen with a teleport. In the original, the target-location was baked into RPG_RT when patching, while this one now looks up variables #3356 (Map), #3357 (X), #3358 (Y). If any value is invalid, the game will crash. Player visibility after teleport depends on the file you pick.

Available for:
★ 2000-1.07, 2000-1.62

Added some more patch-files to existing item-pages.

ColorShopper (added 2000-1.10, 2000-1.60, 2003-1.03 and 2003-1.05)

DirectItemMenu (added 2000-1.10 and 2003-1.05)

ModernEndScreen & RemoveQuitQuestion (added 2003-1.08)

VarTimerPos (added 2003-1.08 and 2003-1.09)

Caution!: Very unusual, but VarTimerPos for 2003-1.09 is not compatible with 2003-1.10 and above! See next-but-one post.

Two ports of MapInMenu

Originally made by Cherry and bugmenot in 2014 for 2000-1.07 and 2003-1.08, now ported to 2000-1.62 and 2003-1.09~1.12 (Maniac Patch supported up to mp210414 only as always). It displays the map below almost every default menuscreen (file-select is not affected) and removes the black screen-transitions between them. Things on screen that depend on the framecount like watertiles will not stop to animate while player is in a menu.

Example-screenshots of the endscreen and RPG2003's party-reorder are available on the item-page.

VarTimerPos rebuilt for 2003-1.12

The original VarTimerPos for 2000-1.62 is a big mess, but working as intended. The recreation to fit 2003-1.08 and 2003-1.09 was a crazy thing for itself. But doing a version that can be used with 2003-1.12 (not tested with 1.10~1.11) was a rollercoaster of an experience. It comes in a total of FIVE different IPS-files. If you just have 2003-1.12, pick the normal file for it.

In case of use in combination with Maniac Patch mp210414 (and only THIS EXACT version is compatible, it was the last one before engine-rewrite) it's absolutely important to pick an IPS based on installed patch-language (EN/JP) and event-check-type (IM/PF).

ModernEndScreen & RemoveQuitQuestion-MES now also for 2000-1.62

And RemoveQuitQuestion-Classic now has files for:
★ 2000-1.07, 2000-1.10, 2000-1.50, 2000-1.51/1.52, 2000-1.60, 2000-1.61, 2000-1.62
★ 2003-1.00, 2003-1.03, 2003-1.05

AccordVorbisPlayer (2000-1.62 only)

This hell-big beast of an IPS-file removes all MP3-related features from the engine and puts the OGG-support from Maniac Patch (2003-1.12) for both BGM and SEs inplace. To make it work after applying, accord.dll has to be in the game's folder.

There is currently no comfortable known way to select OGG-files in the editor since its file-lists are filtered, so files have to be renamed to WAV while editing and back to OGG before starting the game. Also, listening to OGGs in the editor is NOT included, only ingame.

GameWindowSuperScale (2000-1.62 only)

When this patch is applied, the game will always launch windowed with scale-level 2 (640×480), or 1 (320×240) if you still manage to have an incredibly tiny display-device (at least I hope). Also, access to fullscreen (F4 / Alt+Enter) is completely disabled.

F5 and F6 now decrease and increase the scale-level of the window, ranging from 1 (320×240) to what your primary display-device can handle (e.g. on a 16:9 1920×1080 display, max window-scale is 4, equal to 1280×960), but the defined absolute maximum it will never go beyond is 8 (2560×1920).

If the max-scale possible on your device is 4, it will work like this:
F5: ... ➤ 320×240 ➤ 1280×960 ➤ 960×720 ➤ 640×480 ➤ 320×240 ➤ ...
F6: ... ➤ 320×240 ➤ 640×480 ➤ 960×720 ➤ 1280×960 ➤ 320×240 ➤ ...

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