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So I'm making a commercial sideview pack for Rpg Maker XP / Ace / MV and decided to release the monsters for the MV pack reduced to 2k3 size with indexed palettes and a pixel finish for free :3
I'm gonna post them up here. When I get enough to warrant a download submission, I'll create it and mirror here! :D

These are free for use for commercial and non commercial RPG maker projects. For commercial non RPG Maker projects, please contact me.


1. Slime

2. Baby Slime

3. ??

4. Flower

5. Spear Mushroom

6. Plate Mushroom

7. Mushroom Colony

8. Mimic Box

9. Mimic Bag



12. Twin Mask

13. Cockatrice

14. Axebeak

15. Scorpion

16. ??

17. Rat

18. Carrot

19. Snake

20. Siren

21. Specter

22. Spirit

23. Buer

24. Spider

25. Mythril Dragon

26. Worm

27. Flying Skull

28. Fighting Spirit
(unfinished, probably won't be finished on 2k3 version due to I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO MAKE DECENT DITHERING FOR ALL THAT TRANSPARENCY)

29. Fairy

30. Piranha

31. SilkFish

32. Jellyfish

33. Naga

34. Switcharms

35. Vampire

COMPLETE: ~32?/50
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
That flower is very non-threatening, but those slimes are what slimes should be! Excellent work.
Thanks ratty! I've added 3 new battlorssssssss!!!! <3 <3 <3
Please do critique! It's very very useful!
Oh man, these are awesome. I might have to use them if/when I make a sequel to Engalia.
I'm glad you like 'em, and I will be extremely pleased to see them being used! <3
Added the Mushroom Colony.
These are beautiful, Jo! I really really dig all the flow of color and some of the more intricate textures, especially on the slime and the mushroom colony. This is a really cool style :D
you're going to submit these are resources, right?
Beautiful work, Jo. The colours are real vibrant and really helps it to stand out. Better than those battlers sold at RMW. XD
Well, heck, I'm excited for when you release these for MV <__<; I'd be hype to use 'em~
RPG Maker 2k/2k3 for life, baby!!
Dem beautiful colours! :O

These are great! Keep it up!
Danksssssss guyss <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
I'll be totally upping it as a resource kent! but I want the pack to be complete before so. though I could totally be a greedy ass hag and upload the monsters one by one so i get MAKURSCORE and rank up on the resource submissions.
But yeah, if you're curious i'm dawing them with a regular cheap ass ballpoint pen and digitally coloring them, with the lineart on overlay!
...but my wacom broke
i might experience a delay )':
Why is there a random carrot? Reminded me of this:

They're a novelty enemy! If you need a quirky enemy, the Carrot is the option XD
I mean, they could behave like your tipical expful, dodging and fleeing monster (think cactuars, movers, metal slimes...) or something else you yourself have to think XD

Also rofl that carrot bomb
i want to do that
I s'pose that makes sense. In any case, the new additions are awesome. I haven't actually started implementing any battles in the RTP game I've been screwing around with (or really thought much about anything other than mapping and world-building), but I had to see how some of these looked in-game and they look boss:

The editor does some really trippy things with those mushrooms you use the built-in hue editor on them...
Added monster n.20 -- Siren --!

I'm glad you like them! I can't wait to see what you do with them (love the battlecharas btw)
Also, I colored most of the monsters with hue shifting in mind! Hehehe :D

You're magical to me.
I love these, Jo! :D Congrats on being featured on the front page, too ^_^
Thanks! Woooooooooo I'm in the front page! :D :D :D
Can't wait to see what people do with them! *u*
Hopefully I'll be posting more 6 monsters today.
Base of the first of them! :D

Yes they're all drawn with basic ballpoint pens hahahahahahahahaha i'm poor
Donate to the RMN server fund Joseph pen fund.
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