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I'm trying to write a simple plugin and when I got it running, it was causing my characters to freeze in place. I narrowed at least one problem down to this code. If I make a plugin exactly as this, it causes the character to freeze.

(function() {

var _Game_CharacterBase_canPass = Game_CharacterBase.prototype.canPass;
Game_CharacterBase.prototype.canPass = function(x, y, d) {, x, y, d);

Now this should be the basic format for copying a function into a variable and running it, with additional code added on. It works everywhere else.

The way this function works is that it returns false if the character can't pass, and returns true if they can. Could that cause a problem? I've experimented with several things and I can't find an answer.
About this... I think this problem arose somewhere in editing my plugins heavily without refreshing them in the plugin manager. I double-checked that this behavior was happening before posting, but now it's not happening anymore.
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