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I'm pondering my next big DynRPG plugin project, and as usual I want to make sure it hasn't been done already (or even a similar plugin, in case there's code I could use to make things easier for me). The idea is to make a plugin which allows additional sprites to be layered onto actors (aka heroes) in battle, controlled by what equipment they currently have. For example, you could have a sprite for a particular helmet, another for an armor, and even stuff for weapons, shields, and accessories if you wish, all thrown together at run-time so that you don't have to create sprites for every possible combination of equipment on each actor. Ideally I'll be trying to allow multiple layers both above and below the actor, so that developers can decide which sprites should appear to overlap which. I'll also hopefully enable adjustments according to specific actors and different animation stances, so that you can tailor things to accommodate differences in actors (height, gender, etc.) and occurrences (i.e. use a different helmet sprite while the actor's head is thrown back from taking a hit).

So, if anybody's seen anything bearing any similarity to this already in the world of DynRPG, please let me know so I can take a look at it. Also, if anybody has any ideas/requests for this plugin, feel free to speak up.
I haven't. This seems tricky, though.

There's something in the animated_monsters, conditions_icons, and game_clock for opening various folders and such. I'd strongly recommend making extra folders so as to not mix this stuff with extra pictures. Sorting by category, like making a Armor, Shield, Accessory. etc.

Next, organic systems work best. If you can get it to seamlessly work as part of the existing Animation 2 system, this would be better than fiddling with variables or awkward number cycling.
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