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PAYMENT: How much do you want? :)
DEADLINE: 5 days, the sooner the better. (It's a really simple script, I just can't do it myself because I don't have enough JS experience yet.)

COMMISSION: Simple selection window that displays a few stats.



The graphic at the bottom-left depends on the selected stage and is a 960x624 image (same as the screen).
The icon beneath "Quest" is a "red icon" if game switch X is FALSE, and a "green icon" if game switch X is TRUE. X depends on the stage.
The rank number is the same as $gameVariables.value(Y) where Y depends on the stage.
Some stages need to show an icon instead of a ranking (all the same icon here).
The stage is "???" if game switch Z is FALSE where Z depends on the stage.
Upon selecting "???" a buzzer sound plays.
Upon selecting an activated stage, please close the window and set $gameVariables.setValue(99) to the stage ID. I will take it from there with eventing.
The window should be called within an event and pause the event until a stage has been selected. How you want to do this is up to you, please let me know the instructions.

An array within the script where I can easily add/change stages, the respective game switch and game variable IDs for the Rank/Quest, the game switch ID for ??? or on, and whether the font should be orange or blue or white.
A global variable for each different text color so I can easily adjust it. The orange is text color 14, the blue is text color 23, the grey is..grey.
Window height automatically adjusts based on amount of items included.
Use the standard window graphics/system.
Make sure the mouse/touchscreen actually works.
Please line up the window properly with the other window as shown in the screenshot, or give me some easily changeable variables to do it.

‚ÄčI know some JS so you don't have to make it a clean and user friendly Plugin. Just do whatever is easiest, taking the above requests into account.
This script cannot be released for public use.
I'll send you the necessary graphic over e-mail.

Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you. :)
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