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Edit 2/20/2016

My list is clear, sign up for a review, I am also signed up for the Review Fantasy IX so this would be helping me out :)

EDIT 1/25/2016:

Still taking requests but starting February if my list gets low I will start to review the RMN 2015 Misaos winners and express my views as to why they won the category (or categories) that they won.

Hi everyone, my name is Jtrev23 and I would like to review some more games created by the RMN community. A few weeks back, I started a review blog http://jtrev23reviews.blogspot.com/ and started reviewing games there that were entered in the 2015 Indie Game Making Contest. Some of you may know me as the 2015 IGMC Golden Reviewer recipient and well, I don't want to stop reviewing games. If you have a game you would like me to review you can message me here, on GameDevFort, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jtrev23/ , Twiiter: @Jtrev23Reviews , or your can email me at jtrev23@gmail.com . Thank you!

I will post the review on my blog and on RMN as well.

I'll just start my games list here. I'll be using the same tags that I used on Game Dev Fort which are:
*Pending = have not played, have not reviewed*
*In Process = have played, need to write review*
*Done = have played, have reviewed*

Note I have review requests from multiple websites so I'll try and keep this list updated but the one on my website will always be the most up to date.

Current Games list:

-Quest for the Peace Sword

-Feral Solidarity
The TM is for Turtle Motivator
There seems to be threads offering reviews in at least half of the forums, so I would say nobody knows where to put them, but if I were to put up a review offer thread, I'd probably put it in Videogames or What's Happening in Game Make & RMN. Those two seem to have the most.
Yeah, this is the right place for it, no worries~ (Video games forum is more for commercial big-name games, with a smattering of stuff like mobile games and the like.)

Good to see you over here, jtrev! As well as adding reviews to your blog, we have a way that they can be attached to the actual game pages so that potential players can read them (and rating them will rate the games themselves, giving people a good idea of where the game stands). You get makerscore every time you add something to the site and reviews definitely count!

I'm pretty sure a lot of people would be happy to ask you for reviews, but if you'd like, we've been working to get the amount of unreviewed games down a bit, so this page shows any games that currently don't have reviews, do have downloads and are completed: http://rpgmaker.net/games/?name_filter=&engine=&status=3&rating=&download=yes&commercial=&sort=total_reviews&portal=None
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I haven't had a review in a looong time and I'm getting so desperate.
Good to see you too Liberty, the page you linked to me just leads to a blank search engine page but I can filter it from there, thanks! I think I can just filter completed games and search for ones with 0 reviews.

Porkate42, would you like a review? if so could you tell me which game is yours and how to find it. (I am still new to this website and don't know how everything works yet sorry)
I wouldn't mind having one, if you don't mind a relatively long game that's still in development?
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Ya I would like a review if you don't mind. To find games, click on their profile name and click "View Games."

My pick is Demise. It's a 3 hour demo with a front-side battle system that you can custom-ize.
I wouldn't mind having one, if you don't mind a relatively long game that's still in development?

I'd be happy to give you a review Xenomic. Just tell me which game is yours and I'll play/review it.

Just a fair warning: There's quite a few rough edges here and there, and some things still need tested/updated/fixed. The game is 50% done roughly and will run you about 20-30 hours, give or take how well you do with it, how much you explore, etc.. You only need the game and the Vanilla Music Packs, the Extended Music is if you want extra music for battles, dungeons, etc.

If there are any other questions, feel free to let me know. I'll probably be updating the game here in a day or sometime soon since there's a couple bosses I'm reworking right now to make them more interesting and challenging. ^^;
Ok I figured out how to see people's games now. How about I play and review @Porkate42's Demise first and then @Xenomic's Touhou Fantasy
Do it in whatever way you wish~
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And whenever you want as well.
Thanks! If you run into any problems (like if you're stuck) then message me.
Alright, should expect Demise review within 3 days (probably less) and I like to explore a lot so maybe a week (again probably less) for Touhou Fantasy. Then if nobody else posts here I'll go to the list of completed games with no reviews.
If time is not a constraint for you, I would love a review from you for Seraphic Blue (English Translation).
@Eplipswich No worries about time constraints, I if anyone asks for a review, I will review the game. So no worries, seraphic has been added.
Oh also would anyone mind me sharing links to my review on social media, I've just started a Facebook and Twitter page (literately today) for my reviews and I hope to attract more people to indie games through my blog.
Just for future reference, multiple posts outside of the welp forum are against site rules. Instead, hit the Edit button below your previous post and add more info to it.

I mean, bumping a thread after a few days is fine, as long as it's not being done constantly - there are some instances where it's allowed, but something like this is better done with an edit. ^.^

I don't think people will mind if you put them in your OP. Not sure how they'd feel if you included them in your reviews, though. I think it's against site rules but you'd have to double-check with Solitayre on that - reviews are his domain.
I would really appreciate a review of Heresies of Discord, more feedback is always good to have.


It's not very long, only about 2 hours tops. :D

Oh also would anyone mind me sharing links to my review on social media, I've just started a Facebook and Twitter page (literately today) for my reviews and I hope to attract more people to indie games through my blog.

Oh, sure, if you review something it's YOUR review, IMO. If you play my game, feel free to share it wherever.
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Meh, why not? This could do with a rating again: http://rpgmaker.net/games/6014/

It's a purposefully generic cross between a JRPG and a dungeon crawler. It should only be 1 or 2 hours long.
Stand back. Artist at work. I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent.
Do you mean reviews as in reviews on this site?
If so i would love to have a review in my game.


It's 20 minutes long.

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