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Jeeez your work is ace. <3

LOL thank you for your visit sorry that i'm reply late
i'm not play rpgmaker.net often ^ ^

My Commission from Punica The Regency Project
A kingdom ruling rpg with a powerful narrative and multi-dimensional characters.

Kickstarter for iOS Icon mid NOW THIS PROJECT IS READY ON Kickstarter

Feynris Character Bachelors for Female player in game

Smooth blending Type C
Commission head-shots OC Sayuri from FFXIV

Sylvanas Windrunner (the Dark Lady, Queen of the Forsaken) from Warcraft
I'm going to ask again :3
Are you able to draw unattractive characters? Like, characters with less than 9 Charisma scores? Or someone you'd see picking a fight with Kenshiro in Hokuto no Ken? Fat dudes? Hooked noses? Facially deforming scars? Those sorts of things?
I have a feeling that her initial "response" of no words and numerous pictures of highly attractive characters was kind of the best answer you're going to get, Dyhalto. (Esther, I'm saving my pennies and I'm going to hire you soon.)

(Also, nerdly point of order because it's not like I'm pathologically obsessed with D&D or anything haha right: Charisma 9 or lower is below average, 10 is average. Extremely nitpicky, I know, but you don't need to have a Cha of "less than 9" to be ugly, just "9 or less". And "7 or less" is where it starts getting REALLY bad with a -2 ability mod.)

Yinping character Bachelorettes for male player in
MemoryTrees : RPG simulation game


Daggett / Echo from the upcoming webcomic The Unlikely Heroes
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