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May as well post here and see if I get any results. :P

Hey there peeps, me again with some dire need of assistance. The first one I'm trying to tackle shouldn't be too hard, but I'm not a scripting master here, so...

I'm using Yami's Classic ATB with Theo's Animated Battlers, I have the ATB bar on the enemies, but I'm also trying to have it so the ATB bar can be on the heroes as well.

The other thing I'm trying to do with this as well is when either hero or enemy uses an attack the ATB bar will disappear during the attack animations and then reappear once the animations are finished, is there a way I can implement that?

The 2nd thing I need help with is that I'm doing a Magichange like thing for my game. (Like from Disgaea 3 and onward) Where the hero will fuse with his allies and turn them into a weapon, I got a good idea on how I can do it, but the only thing that I'd need help with is a targeting based script where you can't select the hero, but you can select your allies, because if you select the hero, the skill will do nothing. I hope I explained that right...

If anyone can give me some help with this, that'd be greeeeeat!
If you really wanna use ATB then looking at Rpg maker 2k3 (down:cost) or Rpg toolkit 3.2.1 ( down: Battlescreen are black...)

Yeeah, no, I kinda have a lot of work put on the game I'm working on in VX Ace, it's not a huge problem, but it does look a little distracting at times.

And even then, I'm kinda swore off rm2k3 for a long time now.
Then waiting at RPG TOOLKIT 4.0 it is free!
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