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Heya guys!

Every night I'm trudging through the App Stores on my phone to see what's new, in the hopes I find something fun.

So it begs the question: What are some of the best games you've played on the phone?

inb4 the advent of RPG Maker MV games on mobile.

Currently, I'm into Chromatic Souls by GAMEVIL.
It's a simple RPG system, isn't overly complicated, I really like it.
They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
Pocket Frogs is probably the closest thing to a good game I've played on phone, mostly because my phone game criteria are "free" and "filthy casual," so it's been a lot of virtual pets and terrible freemium otome games.

Nowadays I only really have Unblock Me (slidey block puzzles) and Frozen Bubble (Bust-a-Move clone) because I only play mobile stuff when I am waiting and don't have anything better to occupy myself. :V
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Angry Birds Epic
It is a fun casual RPG that you don't need to spend real moneys on to be successful. The art style is fun and light, too. Has a surprising amount of depth, given that it is an Angry Birds game.

A Boggle-clone game where you make words on a 4x4 randomized letter grid. It's pretty fun, good for a quick fix, but you'll grow bored of it eventually.

Ice Cream Jump
The casualest of casual games. Loads super quick, so handy for killing 3-5mins of idle wait time.
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Rust Bucket just came out from nitrome and its quite a decent rouge like and its free so you can't argue with it
I enjoyed OPUS: The day we found earth as well it was a cute story based game you have to pay for the full thing though but its not bad deal.
Also if you haven't played it yet monument valley is an amazing mobile game.
Threes as well they have a free version now too

Oh yeah zelonia 1 2 and 3 are all action rpgs that are decent the ones after it require internet though and aren't as good
“Best Mobile Games?” I don’t even have a phone! :(

Although I did play this one Wave Race sort of clone on someone’s phone a few years back in the lunch room at work. It was pretty cool, and the water effects were pretty impressive on such a tiny little device with such limited memory. I wish I could remember the name of that game, because if I ever do get a cellphone in the future that’d be one of the first games I would get for it.
On my phone, I only play with myboy (gba/gbc emulator) and a rigged-up chess-game I made (whose AI I stole from Windows' built-in chess program, because why not).

Oh, and pew pew. Can not live without mah pew pew goodness.
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Pocket Frogs

this game will turn you into a crazy frog-breeding freak. enter at your own risk
They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
They're all so cuuuute and you get little boxes to put them in and decorate and you play games with them and different colors and patterns and aaaaaaaa froggies!
Beastie Bay - It mixes Pokemon and Simcity. Pretty fun RPG. I like how the dungeons work, too. You don't explore, you see your char walk along a path and randomized things happen. You find loot, you encounter an enemy, you find an object that you need a certain item to deal with.

Flappy Golf - Crazy fun spin on a basic golf game. Please don't let the word flappy scare you away, it's not like those games.

I thought I had other games on my phone but that's it right now. Official Tetris is ok. My phone sucks so I never did try many games.
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Traffic Racer has stolen my life.
I haven't played a lot of them, but the one I enjoyed the most so far was from Kemco - End of Aspiration.

Otherwise, I'm currently replaying Dragon Quest 2 on mobile, which is more enjoyable than what I remember from the NES and GB console, so I guess they retooled the battle system to be a bit more balanced?
Out there / space exploration & crafting with a nice bit of read btween turns (like finding skyrim book, but more casual friendly).

asdivine hearts (made by exe-create, published by kemco) this is the best old school turn based rpg i've played on mobile so far, i would also recommend symphony of eternity for the snes final fantasy hunger.

terra battle / sakaguchi works on mobile. 2 of my best friends bought tablets just to play this.

I know you can play them on phones too, but my phone sucks so i play on tablet instead.

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