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This game built such an interest in surgery in me that I never thought I would have (being extremely squeamish to gore)

Has anyone played this?
What were your best moments with this game?
Which were your favorite parts?
What other surgery media did you get into after this?

Oh man, will there ever be a new game?
Surely they can think of something for the WiiU, it seems practically made for it!

Second Opinion was probably my least favorite of the series, cause it felt really weird going from the accuracy of the DS to the occasional frustration of the WiiMote.

However, New Blood <3 <3 <3
I played that entire game multiplayer with Maki, and it was soooooo amazing. I remember ranking like third on one of the super hard extra missions (the Onyx one if I remember correctly). That was still early in the game's lifespan, so I'm sure the score was toppled, but oh man that high.

I did enjoy Trauma Team a lot too, but it wasn't quite as satisfying. The surgeries bits felt reaaaally easy, while at the same time, they seriously gimped two player at times. Though then again, trying to distribute the tools in a way that worked for that mission and having to divide the work was a new twist. Tumors had to be re-learned from something done with ease to something that required teamwork. Hmmm... Now I want to replay TT.

</ends gush-mode>

Yeah, this series is fantastic. New Blood's co-op was a dream. I have to agree that ranking third world-wide on a mission together was indeed my best moment with the franchise.

Also - the bomb.
The all around prick

Played it at a friends house when I was in high school and it blew me away! This was one of the most heart-pounding games I've ever played! Holy crap the surgery where Derek first discovered the Healing Touch still gives me goosebumps today! And the soundtrack was incredibly intense for even the most basic surgeries. I still have G.U.I.L.T's and Savato's theme running in my playlist! At the time, it was a direct antithesis of game solely focuses on killing and violence, and was such a welcome change of pace that I couldn't stop playing it every time my friend and I got together. Oh my god I've got all sorta of nostalgic memories now I want to go buy a Wii and play it again and again and again-

*Ahem. Calm yourself, Nova. Stop gushing like a rabid fanboy*

There's been a few other games in this series since then: Under the Knife 2 for DS, as well as New Blood and Trauma Team for the Wii. I'm not sure what happened to the series after that, but I hope it continues eventually, preferably on a system I actually have.
No, Nova, let's make this a thread of gushing, rabid fanboys/girls! Clearly. I have a feeling the game will be in the system in this house sometime before the week is up... huhuhu.

I wish I had more memory of UtK2. I know I played it to completion, but it just really didn't stick in my mind like the rest for some reason?
I'm playing New Blood, am a huge Atlus fan, but have not yet finished for my Wii broke down back in the day. I should get back to it ..

A lot of fun and intense moments. How well does the coop work?
The co-op is amazing! They up the difficulty a tiny bit from the regular game to make up for the fact that there are two people operating at the same time. As long as you play with someone who can synch well with you, it's an amazing experience.

Rach and I got so adapted to each other's play style we hardly had to communicate with one another during the game. We knew how best to divide up the work between us.

It's basically having two full players in there. It's really smooth. I must say that the feeling of TEAMWORK I felt while playing that game 2P has never been replicated to that extent by any other 2P experience. (some things come close, but nothing compares)

Sad that your Wii broke on you :( I hope you get a chance to get back to it, Kylaila. The story gets pretty wild towards the end xD
Very nice! Thanks!
I got a second remote for Guitar Hero after I bought a new Wii recently, so I may need to add a Nunchuck sometime soon, haha. Until then .. single player go! ;) I'm glad I got it back. Still have a few really cool titles to play through.
I like that you can jump into coop better. There's few constructive coop out there (like for Spyro), but if you know the drill .. or just one player knows it .. it goes to naught.

Yeah, games with a decent co-op are hard to find. (never played Spyro's co-op before!) I love playing co-op though, so when something like New Blood comes along, it's like a magical dream come true~!

Trauma Center games are the reason I look at a Wii Nunchuck and simply call it "My Nurse" ahahaha
"wait you made this a career?"
I love trama center it is my favorite persona game. Probably the best part of it was the fact it wasn't just a oh lets make a surgery game or make a surgery game with a really stupid story it has a decent story, characters, and gameplay
They actually have the Wii one on the Wii U now too!
"It's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly...timey wimey...stuff."
I lost my copy of Second Opinion. :(

Loved this series since the first one. Trauma Center for the win!
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