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Hello you lovely people :)
My name is Dave, and I am a musician of around 15 years.
I have a beautiful little boy called Davey-Lee, and chihouha called Louie and a beautiful girlfriend that I dote over!
(Not sure if I spelt that chichi properly lol)

My biggest passion outside of my family has to be gaming and its beautiful music that many RPG games present to us.
Thus, my musical career taking a turn last year towards gaming.

I have worked for Devs in the past, (Single track work also) and my work is planted on soundcloud, but I wont post a link here as that seems pretty rude at an introduction!

Please feel free to contact me any time regarding anything at all, and I will try my hardest to help with anything you might need.

Best regards,
No, actually do go ahead! Post your links. (or alternatively, in the creative corner) :)

Always nice to have musicians around. Welcome!
Ok :)
Thanks for the nice welcome!
This is my last years work -

Please enjoy and download the free tracks at your own pace :)
You sound like a really warm person :)
Welcome! I'm sure your work will be appreciated.
Welcome to RMN! At it's chihuahua, iirc. Chi - Hoo-ah - Hoo-ah.
haha thank you for the spelling :)
and thank you for your welcomes! Much appreciated.
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