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Oh wow..
This is like a forum that most artists/musicians dream about!
Somewhere to show off? ohhhh Alright then ;)

So, mainly I compose music.

I absolutely LOVE RPG games such as Final Fantasy, WoW, that sort of thing and the music in them is beautiful.
This is mainly where my inspiration comes from.
One of my favourite classic RPG sounding tracks has to be this Dynamic piece that I made for a composer making a final fantasy style RPG, purely based on a battle scenario.

I once attempted to create a battle theme for something more futuristic (Imagine FF13 battle music on drugs)
This was the end result - https://soundcloud.com/daveybriterpg/daveybriterpg-stay-close

And lastly, I have a slight passion for creating Credits (Beginning or End) for TV shows, Films and Games.
This is my most recent Orchestral Credits theme - https://soundcloud.com/daveybriterpg/credit-roll

There is a hell of a lot more I would like to show off, but let's not seem obnoxious hey?

I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoyed making them.
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