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If I may ask, as a new user for this website,
"What are the common things that happen here, and what are these events on the front page".
Your topic indicates two possible things:

1. "I'm a new user who works on RPG Maker VX Ace" - please introduce yourself over here if you feel the need for an intro topic.

2. "How do I add another party member in RPG Maker VX Ace?" - To do this, go into the Database to define the actor you want to add (you may also want to make a class), then run an event in the game with the "Add Party Member" command, adding the actor you want to join.

Regarding the events, those are generally contests for making content such as games, graphics or music where you can win Makerscore and badges. If you aren't a frequent contributor, don't concern yourself with these.
Just a general rule of thumb - this area of the forums is for help with game creation. If there's things you want to know about the site itself, you can ask in the User Feedback area instead.

The events on the front page (and at the top of the community page) are events that are held that encourage member interaction. They can range from making resources, game creation, giving feedback or the like, and usually you'll get a day or two (or a week) heads-up before they start, so that you can sign up to join.

You can end up winning different kinds of prizes - usually Makerscore and a badge, but sometimes there are money or games to win instead.

You don't have to be a frequent contributor to the site to join an event - if you see one you like that is on, jump in and have fun. That's what they're there for. Currently there's none on at the moment but keep an eye out for them as they show up sporadically.
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