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I generally try to keep building things in order to get the project to move forward - probably not a well-organized way, but it's reliable in getting you to progress.
Here's how I make rpgs, I design a battle system first, shop for scripts that help me do what I want, edit them if possible, and add character portraits and tweak UI dimensions like size of health bars, etc, design a few spells, items, weapon and maybe add a combat animation or two

Then when it comes time to do anything else (especially mapping) I get stonewalled and quit

*especially* mapping
I might approach each game a different way,but at the moment i'm trying to figure out
who are the characters and what their personality are(not too in-depth).Then I figure out the world building with much more
depth than the characters because I always find it hard to think of a story without a clear picture of the world.
Then I think about the gameplay and graphic for a bit and then finally I begin the game making process.

I don't like to think about my game to every last detail,because then I would be wasting a lot of time.I just need enough information and if I'm convinced I have a good thing going on I'll just start doing the game and hope new ideas and inspiration would come along as I'm making the game.
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