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Hi. I'm kinda new here, so I hope this is the right place to ask.

If anyone knows on the Doom status effect on Final Fantasy games (Count in censored FF4), they would think it's a status effect where a timer will be shown and once it drops to zero, they "swoon" regardless of instant KO immunity.

I would like to implement that in RPG Maker MV. Does anyone know how to do it?
Because I'm not using Final Fantasy ATB styled battles, instead using turn based ones, I'd like to have a three turn limit. I thought of using three separate status effects, one for each turn. But I couldn't get it to work out. Help?
1. Get Yanfly's Buffs&States Core.

2. Make the status effect to last however many rounds you want it to take for the KO to take effect.

3. Put this in the Doom State notetag:

<Custom Leave Effect>
</Custom Leave Effect>

Assuming State number 1 is your Death state.

This way, once the Doom state expires, the afflicted target will die. It will not occur if the Doom state is removed beforehand.
To expand, you could set it to inflict a status called Doom (5), lasting for 1 turn. After that inflict Doom (4) etc until after Doom (1), add state 1 (KO). That way you can set animations, messages etc and you can actually see how many turns left until you die
The plugin already displays for how many turns a state lasts, this isn't necessary. Also, it makes it easier to implement effects that resist/cure Doom.
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