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So, I'm using this engine and i decided to make a game featuring the classic rpg Roles, there's a tank, a mage, a healer, and a rouge, the problem I'm having is the tank, I want her to be able to taunt, forcing any single enemy to attack at the cost of some mana, in order to draw damage, however I cannot find a way to do this and would greatly appreciate any help, and sorry if I don't thank you immediately, I don't get access to internet often, thanks!
That was quicker than i expected lol, thanks and also thx for showing me this site, I didn't know it existed!
As much as I like this effect, it's technically not what you're looking for. What Taunt does is that you can make enemies unable to use physical/magical/certain-hit attacks on targets without Taunt. That script also offers means to attack past taunt (with states or specific skills) and to make a target's Taunt effect ineffective.
? That's enemy taunts, and the taunts can be customized pretty thoroughly, it works perfectly.
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