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Talking about VX Ace. A while back I was thinking about the sample maps, because they seemed so handy. But I failed to see any way of getting more of them. There is no import option.

I was wondering if the only way to import maps is a) to look at a screenshot or image and copy the map by hand, or b) to copy and paste the map from a sample game. What struck me as odd is that a few of the DLC on Steam mention that they come with sample maps, although the vast majority of DLC doesn't. I'm guessing the DLCs include sample games that have the maps.

Does this mean there is not much demand for using other people's maps like there is for scripts and music? you can find scripts for almost anything but I guess people are content with making their own maps. Seems I am alone on this. Has anyone ever made maps for someone else's game? (as a request or commission, for example)
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In the project folder, go into the data folder, find the relevant map (even if you've renamed your maps, the editor will still show their numbers on the bottom right in the event you need a reference for which map you're importing). The file name will always be map001, map002, map003, and so on. Copy the relevant map, go to the project you want to import the map to and drop the file in the data folder. The map is now in your map tree.

Make sure you import the relevant tiles, assign them to a tileset and assign the tileset to the map, otherwise you'll end up with some...interesting maps.
Keep in mind not to use others' maps without asking for permission first (I swear to all that is holy that if I find another game in the queue that steals maps from others' games I might pull a Chainsaw Massacre). Also, if you're making a game and want it up on this site you will need to show images that are not sample maps, because frankly, it shows lack of effort.

That said, there are some sample maps out there, but not many. Most people make their own maps because they want their game to be their game, and they have an idea of what they want it to look like. There are some people who will make maps for others, depending on their abilities you might be looking at either teaming up with someone or paying someone to map for you.

Also here, have some tutorials to help you actually map for yourself:
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I absolutely encourage you to make your own maps. It pays off handsomely in the end if you start developing a skill now instead of using others as a crutch.

But to answer your question, yes, there's a hefty demand for people's maps, hence how you can't walk two feet in any one direction without someone looking for a professional mapper. The thing is, the way you worded it here makes it sound like you just want to treat others hard work as you would a sample map, repeatedly making use of them and taking all that went into it and the soul that place exhibits and making it meaningless. You don't create a world that it might exist, you create for it to live independently of you.

That's something I want for people to understand; your passion burns through the page and into the audience's mind. Trust me, if you don't have fun doing what you're doing, the audience can and will pick up on it.

People can only get a taste of who you are if you've poured yourself into something. It's a lot of hard work extracting what makes you you and turning it into something consumable, but what you find in the process is unmistakably you.
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I would like to add on that importing maps like that is useful for cooperative projects, so you can work on doing the database, the writing and so on while the other person works on doing the maps. So in case you get to a team project in the future, it's useful to know.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Also, it's useful when converting projects. Also, I've had to do it very rarely, but there've been times when I've had to import my old projects into new project folders.
On a side note, for making your own maps, I recommend playing games for ideas. Every week I'll find a user whose games I like, and then play through all their games. Lately I've been working through Luiishu's Castle Oblivion games and, honestly I think he's the best RTP mapper there is.

So I started looking at how he used the RTP assets, how he did things. My own mapping has greatly improved since I started watching how he handles the RTP. Then you'll become confident enough to make your own jaw-dropping maps.
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Lots of people make maps for other people's projects. I've done it. However, unlike scripts and music, a map can really only be used in one game. Scripts are tools to make your game, and music alters the feeling and aesthetic of your game, but maps are part of the primary content of your game. So they're almost never posted publicly, instead being done by request and sent only to the person who requested them.

Also yeah you can just copy and paste a map directly from one game to another, it's super easy. Open both games in RPG Maker at the same time, copy map, paste map.
You can also take the sample maps and edit them to your own needs (add you into them, like Father Corfaisus said).

Thanks for the kind words, Gredge. That's exactly how I learnt to map; looking at other peoples' maps. I basically copied a lot of things (not the actual maps, but mapping techniques/ideas etc) from others in the beginning (mainly from kelarly and zachfoss). After a while, you'll be more confident with your skills and therefore, you'll have a LOT of more freedom. It takes time though and like most things, you'll always be a learner in some way.

Also, I definitely recommend you to post your maps to the Screenshots threads that are on here. RMN is full of helpful and experienced developers, who'd love to give you tips on how to improve. It might be scary at first, but it's definitely worth it!
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Something else that hasn't been said(at least I didn't see) is to never settle when mapping. Try a few ways out and if it doesn't look right to you then it probably isn't.
don't just blast through mapping unless you have a time restraint or something of course. Take your time if it's an important place. In between areas can be a little more lenient but don't abuse that.

I'll echo the thoughts of others when saying play other games to get ideas, Indies or AAA games.
Building your own maps is the best way to express your creativity. You are making your game to enjoy the process of making it, not to spend your time doing boring copy-past. The end result will be your own creation and feedback will help you improve your skills.

I personally see map creation as the best game personalization tool... to the point that I made a map editor for my favorite game (Ultimate Domain) and built a map editor in my first game right from the early demo.
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