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EDIT: okay... I just figured it out... Sorry, I've been absolutely frustrated and just started replacing core scripts at random. I made a mistake in the Window_Base class.

OP: I've come across a problem where the skill names in the skill menu don't appear. It's not that a character doesn't know a skill, it's that the name simply doesn't appear in the skill list, neither does the cost. However, the description does appear. Now, I have quite a few scripts installed but I've done some debugging and removed all the scripts I added and the problem persists.

I have tinkered with the core vxa scripts but I thought I hadn't touched anything related to the skill scene. I'm just looking for a point in the right direction. I've been racking my brain over this for a week and I'm stumped where I messed up.

Btw, skill names do appear in battle.

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