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Hey people,

Is there any way to make a enemy where if you attack it, there will be some slight damage to the attacker?

Not so much a counter but rather more like the rough skin ability from pokemon.

And if so, is there also a way to add a state to it?

Just replace the calculations for damage with a static value (In Rough Skin's case, it'd be {Math.ceil(target.mhp/6)}).
Hmm, i see it's a code to add onto wearables, but I need it to be onto an enemy, to be more specific I want to create an enemy that when attacked, deals fire damage with a chance to burn the player. Thx though, this will be useful as well.

This plugin lets you make your enemy use a fire damage skill with burn chance whenever attacked. It doesn't require any JavaScript to do, even, unless you want the skill damage to scale based on the damage taken.
Thx LightningLord2, I didn't think that Yanfly plugin would do that though so I feel kinda dumb now :P
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