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This song is full of determination, motivation and hope.

Fighting for Hope, the best epic Motivation Royalty Free Song. Have you sometimes had hard time getting motivation? For sport, for work, making art motivation background music can help to improve to succeed! It all depends on the attitude, spirit and fighting for hope to get the life situation better.


Emotional Native American and Modern American Music mixing together to create a shared past.

Prairie is this ruthless, yet remarkably wild environment with a lot of natural beauty. Wind blows in the wilderness while horses are riding on the mountainside. This song tries to describe the moment when Native American and Western culture collided together, and what sort or result came out of years of bitterness and human interraction. American History is was and tale of Native Americans is not really flattering tale.


Call of the North for Vikings! Epic Powerful Viking background Music Experience the Fierce Spirit of the most Infamous raiders ever lived… Vikings! Truly atmospheric northern music!

Vikings are known for their fierce history of being the most infamous raiders across the europe and even in eastern parts of the known world then! Viking Music always had drums, great background vocals and the spirit connecting to their way of life back in Scandinavia.

This instrumental background royalty free song, telling the story of vikings in music format, is free of charge, licensed under Creative Commons!

Guns are Blazing! A cinematic action track for army film moments where action happens and military takes care of the issue!

Imagine those action films where military fights against aliens and all sorts of creatures, like music from Halliwood films made by Hanz Zimmer. This song brings you into the action with army beats and action arpeggios to get you excited to see all the action happen on the screen.

This instrumental background royalty free song, telling the story of vikings in music format, is free of charge, licensed under Creative Commons!



Strategic Background Music for Daring! This is your First Turn... Make it Count.


Xylophony and bell leads you into your first action, your first turn. Choose your path wisely, so you take the game and outrun your opponent. First Turn is strategy music in its core, ment to be played in background in loop.
Calm strategy music for a game. Think your next move wisely!

Calming Piano Music in Chess Strategy Style!

Original Mongol-styled War Music for Lord of The Rings nation, Khand!

That moment in afternoon when drinking coffee... This royalty free music is about that!

Drinking coffee is relaxing and makes your afternoon's more enjoyable. Relaxing music for stress relief with best coffee shop music you can find! I myself hardly drink coffee, but thats the vibe I get from many people who do. You can just sit back, go to local coffee shop, read a newspaper and let your mind go wild with ideas and relax after hard work.

This instrumental background song has completely made with human voice, just edited in post production. Rythm, humming, synth feeling melody have originally just been spoken by a human being. I think using instruments originating from singing gave this song very relaxed atmosphere! Gentle vocals bring you into the atmosphere of afternoon! Just perfect for coffee shop atmosphere!
Exploration music with instrumental background! Travel to To The New Land and listen inspiring music for exploration!

Welcome to brand new journey to yet unexplored world! You are emong the first ever to see the shores of a new continent! Exploration, discoveries, new environments… This album has it all! Welcome to see the new world yourself by listening this album and listening all songs and original music yourself. Imagine yourself from old world as an american explorer discovering new world!

To The New Land is inspired by American explorers like Christopher Columbus, who ventured far over the ocean to find their new home. This beautiful journey would change the course of the world forever! First it starts small, but later grows into an epic tune! Old and new world combines and exploration music brings hope and inspires imagination. This track could be in world of Dungeons and Dragons, RPG adventure or even in real world!
How Arriving to the new land would have felt? This inspirational and atmospheric music tells you how!

Imagine being on a ship, arriving first time to a brand new world. It has been far from adventurous atmosphere, as travelling by boat was not that luxurious. You have been anxiously waiting for even the first moment of seeing the new land, and now finally the realization kicks in; your ship has sailed, and joy fills your heart for the anticipation. This Inspirational Discovery Music describes how those explorers back in the day when reaching shores of America, felt. Discovery music is instrumental and very stubtle, as not so peaceful travelling made you unsure would you ever reach shores of the new land. Travel to a new world with relaxing exploration music guiding your way, as your stress is relieved. Time to travel to the new land with american exploration music! Be like Christopher Columbus discovering America!
SCP-049 Plague Doctor song with scary halloween atmosphere! Inspired by world of SCP Foundation and games like SCP Containment Breach.

As halloween draws near, I present you a SCP Containment Breach , fitting survival horror music we made in one of the previous composing streams on this channel. Its a creepy halloween song for Plague Doctor, SCP 049. This characters is familiar face from medieval times to current day and age. Plague Doctors used to spread plague all around and thus they were feared. SCP 049 is no different. You bet dark omnious music starts playing when he is around! Dark ambience music makes you terrified of this SCP monster!
Dungeon is a Dark and sometimes very lonely place. This orchestral track gives subtle, yet effective hints from a mysterious dungeon ahead. Many travelers have tried to conquer if, but have failed due the dangers that fantasy dungeon has within.

Dungeon 1 is a track from Paper Maker OST. As a song made for an RPG, Dungeon 1 is one of the very first dungeon environments you encounter. While it might be an easy one, it introduces you to Dungeon layouts, monsters and treasures you might find within in and RPG game.

Bells, piano and strings are used to create this dark dungeon atmosphere. This ambiance fantasy track has all that a dungeon needs. Mysterious music makes this RPG Dungeon song a fitting choice for your rpg game.
RPG Dungeon music for a daring developer to download for free for any game project! Perfect dungeon ambience for any fantasy rpg dungeon!

The second Dungeon track for RPG Paper Maker OST for daring developers to use in their RPG games! Dungeon 2 might be lighter in tune compared to Dungeon 1, but still making sure you know that it's an rpg dungeon song you should respect. It has strings, bells and other instrumentals that make it perfect for easier beginner dungeon environments such as sewer dungeons and forest dungeons, but can be a background song for even a challenging environment.
You make some really good tunes, Not afraid to vary it up either~
I really like the piano tunes and the viking theme~
If I weren't taking a break from making games for a bit I'd find a way to use some of your songs for sure~
You make some really good tunes, Not afraid to vary it up either~
I really like the piano tunes and the viking theme~
If I weren't taking a break from making games for a bit I'd find a way to use some of your songs for sure~

I appreciate you taking time to listen or even use them! ;)
RPG Battle Music, here we come! Time for battle music in RPG Paper Maker OST! Used as background music in random battles to boss encounters, this royalty free music track fits any indie developer's needs!

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