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“…What the f**k am I even doing here…?”

So I’m a bit curious to ask this, considering my age and all – but how many of you guys, who are now in your adult years, basically twenty years older or up, still manage to play around the same amount of hours of video games that you used to play as a kid – or has it always been around the same or even more?

I ask of this because I’m a bit curious if my low level of interest in playing a lot of video games lately is just part of the eventual growing up phase and being a more responsible adult now and it’s just a natural thing that happens to us when we get older – or maybe it’s something more, like my interests and hobbies have changed a lot since then, or maybe something else? I’m kind of curious, actually.

I mean, it’s not that I hate gaming today or hate what it’s become, or anything like that, as I still like to play the odd game here or two whenever I can for around an hour or so, but it just seems like I’m playing less and less the more that times goes by, especially in regards to newer games. Older games I still play lots of, of course, but not as much newer games.
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I'm 24 next month and I play more video games now than I ever did in the past.

This is largely due to the fact that I'm not a broke student anymore.
Less, actually. I'm more committed to life than ever before.

When I was a student, I didn't have goals. So games were the way to go. But nowadays, games are pretty much nothing more than casual activities.

And Addit, it's natural. With a change in perspective on life, gaming becomes less of a priority. But of course, that doesn't mean you should give up on games entirely!
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I have a huge list of games I'd love to play, but I can't find any time for them. When I was kid I would just spend all my time playing them... Well, until I discovered Rpg Maker.
And Addit, it's natural. With a change in perspective on life, gaming becomes less of a priority. But of course, that doesn't mean you should give up on games entirely!

Oh no, of course I don’t want it to end, not like this. At least I still have a bit of time once and a while to make my own games after work, and I can always play and review all of your guys’ games on here as well, so it can’t end just yet!

Maybe in a couple of years when I grab myself a wife. ;)
Less. I hate video games. I still play things in very small chunks over long periods of time though.
Even RPG’s?

I remember I stopped playing Tales Of Vesperia for the Xbox 360 a few years back because I would usually get around an hour or two per week to play it and that was about it. I didn’t hate the game or anything, as I actually thought that it was actually quite good; it was just mainly the fact that whenever I launched the game up after not playing it for a like week I’d be like, “What was the last thing I was doing again, grinding? I don’t know, I don't remember!”

Maybe the day that we all get can crammed into the old folks home is the day we finally finish some of these blasted games up.
I don't know actually. I feel like I do nothing but play video games on my free time but when I look at it I actually do a lot of other things. And in the past I probably also did a lot of other things with my free time. But I also had more free time in the past.

There's also the thing of not having any parents who say "Two hours are enough. Now go out and play!". But it's not like I didn't superbinge in the past.

It's probably less nowadays. I find myself playing longer games a lot less at least. (though not not). But it's most likely not a whole lot less. I mean if there's a drop it's like 5%. I don't do 24 hour Blood Bowl binges anymore.

So there was the period where parents said "less games" and there were less games. Then there was the period where I was supposed to study and less games and there were not less games. And now there's the period where games are supercheap and available and there's never enough time to play video games but really there is plenty time to play video games says 200 hours of Rocket League.

ok serious answer

RPGs are actually the only game I play consistently and I deal with the same problem as you there. It takes me so long to finish anything because I only play like 60+ hour long jrpgs and I forget what I'm doing every few months unless it's one of those games i;ve replayed a bunch. Then I usually remember.

or I just endlessly play dragon's dogma.

e: and yeah in comparison to past self, I play waaaaaaaay less games. I did not really have friends and I still don't talk to too many folks, but now I just fill the time void with things other than video games.
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I play way less games than I did as a kid. While part of that is because of added responsibilities of adulthood and all that, I think the main reason is that I spend so much of my time obsessively making games >.>;;;;;;

Seriously, I have a big stack of games that I haven't even gotten to yet. It's shameful XD;
I play video games more as I get older, it helps stave off my inevitable killing spree.
I play video games a lot less now, mostly because I'm fiendishly busy with art and game design all the time. When I get into a game however I tend to really dig into it. (If I'm not into it I tend to immediately forget after the first session).

I don't know if this will change after I finish college. It's hard to tell. I guess one problem is that the more I get into art and game design the more endlessly picky I become about what I actually want to spend free time on, so a lot of games just lose before they even get started because they look uninspired or boring.

I think the flipside to playing less is, like I said, I enjoy games more when I get to play them, and I can really get into them as an artist and designer on a deep level. So I get more positive shit out of playing games than when I played them as a kid.

Seriously, I have a big stack of games that I haven't even gotten to yet. It's shameful XD;

Don't we all:

Seriously, if you want to feel bad about your inability to finish games or your wasteful hyper-consumerism then you should totally use the Backloggery.
I play video games a lot less now than I did before. It's been like that ever since I started to develop games myself. I've mostly just played Zelda: Twilight Princess HD this year.

I don't know, but it's just kind of hard for me to play games nowadays, since when I do, I constantly get reminded of the fact that I have my own game to work on.
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I still play video games a lot. They're a destresser from my emotionally draining job. On days that went well, I gam mak instead of gam play. Games are life.

Of course, I work at a summer camp for ~9 weeks/year, during which time I don't play games except for maybe a few hours on my 3ds on the weekends. It's basically a detox period for gaming, although somewhat ironically with my promotion last year I spend most of my time in the office in front of the computer. Still, it's for scheduling and prep, not for funsies.

I've definitely found myself drawing away from LONG EPIC EXPERIENCES though. Too much work just to play a full story, ugh. I also hate grinding with all my heart.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
I'm 31 and the only extent to which I spend less time playing video games is when I'm making them instead, or watching speedrunners or the Game Grumps play them.

There are definitely far fewer games these days that I like, which is why I spend more time on creation instead of consumption.

Age 10: I like all types of games! Everything is new and exciting so it's all fun!

Age 15: RPGs are the best, because they have the best stories, and because I like figuring things out and planning. There are lots of them!

Age 20: RPGs are all pretty simple to me now, and most of them are now action RPGs which I don't really like. But there are a lot of tactical RPGs that I really like, and oh hey designing games is fun too.

Age 25: No one is making any RPGs any more. What the fuck. The world sucks. I'm going to become a game designer and FIX THIS SHIT. And also play 30 hours a week of WoW.

Age 30: Indie games, yay! Lots of stuff to play! But most of them are pretty bad. And I'm too good at it all now, because of 20 years of playing and designing RPGs, so none of them are challenging at all.
I don't play as many video games as I used to. Work gets horribly exhausting to the point that I don't have much inspiration to play anything new. So I usually just open up Team Fortress 2 for a quick game of shoot em' ups. :p

Though on my weekends I usually put in a few hours of game making. The only time I'll play a video game is if it's a game I've been really looking forward to. But causally gaming on other shtuff, not as much.

I can't play new long jRPG's or anything, takes a large amount of concentration, which I have little of these days. :p

EDIT: ...Anyone up for some Team Fortress 2? :P
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Yeah, I've definitely spent way less time playing games as I used to. This is especially weird since I'm going into game design as a career (to an outsider, at least. I still want to strangle people who think this career path involved playing video games all day), and I play games to learn from them rather than just for fun.

Nowadays when I play video games for fun, I try to do as much in them as I can. Being a broke college student, I can't get as many games as I used to (read, I'm lucky if I get a new game once every four or five months), so I try to either 100% complete games, trophy hunt, play on a harder difficulty, or do challenge runs (just finished a no merchant playthrough of Resident Evil 4 last week).

That is, of course, in the one or two hours of free time I get every week between schoolwork and gam mak. Mostly gam mak.
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High school: Spent a fairly large amount of time playing videro games, but had things like chores and parents to tell me to go the fuck to bed.

College/early adulthood: Had shittons of free time outside of studying, few responsibilities, and friends who also liked videro games. I played for hours on end, all sorts of shit, yayyayyayyayyay!!!!

Now: Have a house and yard to maintain, a freelance career, non-videro-game social life, various projects of my own, and not the cash flow I used to have to afford all the latest stuff. I also kind of aged away from my more geektacular friends, and I'm not a huge fan of modern mainstream game sensibilities.

So basically, as a younger adult, I was playing a shitload of video games. Then, as an adult adult, life got more time consuming and I found stuff I wanted to do more. Now, I play maybe an hour or so at a time once in a while, though I do have occasional marathons in cases of, like, a new pokemon game or the Consuming Shadow or that one terrible Dracula game. It's more an occasional luxury than a hobby.
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Definitely less. The amount of responsibility you have tends to creep up as you age in general.

On my end personally, I find myself gravitating towards cheap indie games or free-to-play games including the stuff on this site, because as someone who currently has a low cash-flow and isn't really drawn to the "mainstream" that much, it's the most optimal path for the time being.

The downside is, of course, I'm quite out-of-touch with the trends of recent games, which kind of sucks because this is kind of my go-to hobby and I love talking about them.
You know, I'm not sure? Probably a smaller but comparable amount of time, only I stick to games made for FILTHY CASUALS instead of 60+ hour epics. I just don't have the TIIIIIME to play super in depth RPGs and games that take any skill. Like, Dark Souls? Fuck Dark Souls, I don't have time to learn that. I'll watch a friend play Dark Souls.

To that end, I'll usually watch other people play video games when I can! The stuff I invest the most time/energy into these days are things that have moderate structure and a lot of openness. Like I just spent the last week or so 100%ing ocarina of time, simply because the act of getting Every Heart Piece and Every Skulltula was relaxing. It feels nice to check things off a list! But spending that same amount of time trying to fight a hard boss in a game? I'D HATE IT!!!

i liked being challenged when I was a kid. these days i use vidyas to chill out and forget my troubles for a few hours. GIVE ME MY EASY MODE OR GIVE ME DEATH
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